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The Challenge Fund is an annual fund that benefits the students at Soda Creek and Strawberry Park Elementary Schools in Steamboat Springs by providing teachers with opportunities to enhance the curriculum and bring it to life. The Challenge Fund directly supports 21st Century Skills development and hopes to integrate these programs into our base learning objectives. 21st Century Skills are broadly defined as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication.
Money collected through the Challenge Fund is allocated annually and equally to both Strawberry Park and Soda Creek Elementary schools. Grants written by teachers and staff members are approved by the principals before they are presented to the fund's committee. The requests are ranked according to their impact and grants are awarded.
Thank you for your support of our efforts and for recognizing that an investment in The Challenge Fund is not only an investment in public education, but also an investment in Steamboat's future.

For more information please visit our schools websites at or

Help us go above and beyond by bringing curriculum to life.
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