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We promise you: Your gift WILL change someone's life. It may be the life of a mother struggling to feed her children. Or a family experiencing homelessness. Or a veteran struggling to cope. It may be the life of an unborn baby. Or an elderly man or woman, vulnerable and forgotten. Regardless, we know that YOUR life will change - as you experience the joy of giving to the thousands of men, women and children who come to us in need. We serve Larimer County, Weld County, Western Slope and Denver.

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Organizational Overview

Catholic Charities & Community Services
4045 Pecos St
Denver, CO 80211
Our mission, at its core, is motivated by the call to Christian charity: As the charitable arm of the Archdiocese of Denver, and inspired by God's love and compassion, Catholic Charities extends the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to the poor and those in need.

We are excited to share with you the expansion of our Women's Services under the new name "Marisol Services". It provides a continuum of care network which streamlines access to counseling, housing, employment, daycare, financial education, early childhood education and more.

Our locations formerly known as Lighthouse Women's Center and Real Choices, will change to Marisol Health. Last year, we provided 333 free ultrasounds, with 79 babies born to clients.

Father Ed Judy House, our shelter for single mothers is now Marisol Home and has expanded into two locations. Marisol Maternity, formerly Maternity of Motherhood, has recently become part of the Catholic Charities Marisol Services. There are currently two homes in Arvada for up to 14 pregnant women who are in need of a nurturing home.

Catholic Charities opened more Gabriel Houses with a grand total of nine operating in northern Colorado. Low-income families will have better access to free diapers and needed baby supplies. The Gabriel Project distributed over 181,000 free diapers to mothers in need last year.

Holy Rosary, our women's shelter, is serving more women after opening a second location in December 2015, which now averages an additional 2,250 nights of shelter a month.

Together, we can continue to serve and help families regain self-sufficiency and create a path to a better life.

Board Chair/President Statement

Dear Friends,

Let me begin by welcoming those of you who are not familiar with Catholic Charities and express gratitude to past donors. Thanks to everyone's support last Colorado Gives Day, we continue to serve the hungry, wounded, cold, and suffering. Last year, we provided 1.1 million nights of shelter and 600,000 meals to disadvantaged individuals and families within our community.

Our accomplishments have been great but there is much work to be done in the upcoming year. As the cost of living in Colorado increases, our services are more critical and essential than ever to struggling families. With this rising challenge, we're calling on you to help us serve our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Currently, we provide 25 individual programs that transform and rebuild lives. We work tirelessly to serve our neighbors because of our belief in human dignity. Each individual we serve is a gift from God.

"To love God and neighbor is not something abstract, but profoundly concrete: it means seeing in every person the face of the Lord to be served, to serve him concretely." - Pope Francis

We hope you will join us by supporting Catholic Charities on Colorado Gives Day. Together we can answer the call and extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Kindest regards,

Patrick Brady
Chairman of the Board

Impact Statement

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Denver serves thousands of people each year through a continuum of care, our programs focus on Women's Services, Family and Child Care Services, and Shelter and Housing Services.
Here's a snapshot of what we accomplished this past year, thanks to your generosity:
• 657,000 warm and nutritious meals were served to hungry children, individuals and families
• 166,993 nights of shelter were provided to individuals and families with nowhere to go
• 181,000 free diapers were given to struggling mothers
• 14,500 households were provided direct emergency assistance to prevent evictions and shut-offs
• 3,778 elderly individuals assisted through our Senior Services
• 472 at-risk children received needed child care

Executive Director Statement

Dear Friends,

When complimented on her social work, Blessed Mother Teresa was said to have replied, "We are not doing social work; this is God's work." That is a high standard-and one we hope to approach every day at Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Denver.

Are you hungry, are you cold, are you tired, are you sick? Do you need clothing? A place to sleep? Are you pregnant and need help? Those are the questions asked by Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Denver, which serves those with a need to give and a need to receive.

By the start of 2015, the logo of Catholic Charities incorporated the image of Our Lord on the cross. Why? It is the most charitable symbol in the world, because the ultimate charitable act is to give yourself completely for others, as Jesus Christ did. That is our mission at Catholic Charities, to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to the poor and those in need.

Our mission is made possible with your help. Thanks to you Catholic Charities served more than 77,000+ individuals last year in the areas of Shelter Services, Women's Services, and Family & Child Care Services.

There is much more to come. I invite you to visit our facilities to meet our staff and volunteers, and particularly, to meet those whom we have the privilege to serve.

God Bless,

Larry Smith

Needs Statement

Serve the homeless | The population growth in Colorado has placed many demands on our four shelters including raising daily costs and an increase of people seeking help. Samaritan House alone serves more than 235 people a day which costs $33 a day per client. Our homeless shelters need financial support for daily operations, we need $350,000.

Help mothers in need | With the opening of our new Gabriel Houses, we need to stock the centers with diapers, baby cloths and other baby items. A large box of diapers cost over $20 a box and on average a newborn child can use up to 10 diapers a day. We need 200,000 to be able to help the women and children who depend on us.

Help starving families | Little Flower continues to serve those in Aurora who lack food security. This pantry served 14,314 individuals in the past year. This past summer, Little Flower struggled to keep its shelves filled and provide the families in the community with food. The estimated cost to stock this pantry is $10,000.

Help families with utilities | In the past year, 1,943 households received utility assistance through our Emergency Assistance programs. Unexpected emergencies can make it impossible to pay for basic needs, forcing a family to choose between paying routine bills like rent and utilities - or buying life's basic necessities, like food and life-saving medication. To continue serving families in the Denver Metro Area we need over $800,000.

Background Statement

Established in 1927, Catholic Charities has grown from a simple, Depression-era emergency assistance program to one of Colorado's largest nonprofit social service providers.

Over the years, our programs have evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of the community. Our ultimate goal, however, remains the same: to collaborate with vulnerable individuals and families in hopes of alleviating poverty and empowering them towards self-sufficiency.

Catholic Charities is open to, and serves, all people. We collaborate with Catholic parishes, local businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, medical facilities and educational institutions.

Last year we had:
• 450 Employees
• 21 Board members
• 5,098 Volunteers

Our agency's main offices are located in Denver, with three additional regional offices located in Fort Collins, Greeley and Glenwood Springs. Each area office has tailored services to meet the needs of the local community.

Our Housing & Shelter Services | A Single Mother Struggles to Provide for Her Family
Jennifer's struggle to overcome homeless was long and difficult. She had received help at our Guadalupe Community Center and Shelter before but unhealthy relationships with relatives who had drug and alcohol problems cause her to become homeless once again.

Jennifer found herself at our shelter with her 4 year old daughter for a second time.

She was very motivated and worked hard during this stay. Jennifer completed her GED and obtained a job allowing her to save money.

Jennifer cut ties with everyone who was a bad influence and started to attend church & bible study.

Today, Jennifer and her daughter are happily living in their new apartment.

Our Family Services | Our Kinship Program Helps a Grandmother
Betty Ross, sweet grandmother raising two grandsons, struggled with the youngest child's medical condition.

A seizure disorder which caused learning difficulties coupled with the struggle to retain what was learned in school.

The family also had troubles with transportation to get to essential medical appointments.

Our Kinship Ministry staff provided support through home visits, a clothing referral, problem solving with Medicaid transportation services and additional referrals.

Betty's and her grandchildren's situation has greatly improved and is now stable thanks to our staff. The family has become a staple at our monthly support meetings.

Our Women's Services | Mother Receives Help for Newborn
The Gabriel House staff worked with Mary, a mother of a one-month-old newborn. The baby was born premature and had weekly hospital checkups.

Mary didn't have any of the necessary baby items for her child. Hospital staff became concerned for the safety of the new-born after discovering the family didn't have a proper crib.

Thanks to our staff, Mary received a much needed bassinet for her newborn within days of reaching out to us.

* Names have been changed in certain instances to protect the privacy of our clients.
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