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Your gift will provide low-income families with quality child care.


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What is the Child Care Contribution Credit?

This credit seeks to increase the quality and availability of child care in metro Denver. The state of Colorado allows you to take up to a 50% tax credit on your state income taxes when you donate to Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities will mail Child Care Contribution Credit certificates to donors in January with donation amounts qualifying for the tax credit.

*Donations of $300 or more to the Child Care or Marisol Homes programs qualify for the Child Care Contribution Credit. Learn more at


• Early Childhood Education Services & Child Care provides educational, physical, emotional, and psychological support to help at-risk children and families. We provide services from prenatal to children 5 years of age, empower families, and help alleviate poverty by providing high quality, affordable early childhood education. We operate six Early Childhood Education facilities in Denver, which provide Early Head Start, Head Start and Child Care Services.

• Marisol Homes provides safe and secure emergency and community-based housing for pregnant women, and single women with children, who are experiencing homelessness. We work with these women and families as they integrate back into the community by offering counseling, job training, workshops and needed quality child care services for their children up to 12 years old.

Here, families and expectant women receive more than a safe place. We help these women to rebuild their lives, secure housing and place them on a trajectory to stability.

Statistics according to our 21/22 fiscal year:
• 425 children served with early childhood education, health exams, and other family support services
• About 63,000 meals were provided to low-income children in Early Childhood Education
• 30% of the children in our Early Childhood Education program are experiencing homelessness
• 10% percent of children enrolled who are in foster care 


Mariposa Early Childhood Education center proudly opened its doors in 2012. The building was specifically designed and built for the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program and features six specialized classrooms that cater to the distinct needs of every child, allowing them to thrive and reach their full potential.

Mariposa, which is one of six early childhood education centers operated by Catholic Charities of Denver, is committed to comprehensive care that extends far beyond academics. It offers case management, mental health support, disability services and community resources. Rather than focusing solely on one aspect, it takes a holistic approach, considering the child as a whole. Nurturing the child’s social-emotional, physical, creative and cognitive abilities is crucial as Mariposa recognizes that each facet contributes to their overall growth and happiness.

Rebekah Trejo, the center’s director, explains the key aspect of their approach. “We partner with families to meet their child’s developmental needs,” she said. An Early Head Start Mental Health Consultant plays a vital role in supporting children who face a wide range of challenges. From separation anxiety during drop-off to partnering with parents to find solutions for other concerns such as potty training, the consultant works with families to ensure the children’s overall well-being.

Within this approach, resources for items like food and clothing are also crucial to some of the transformations witnessed at Mariposa. “We work tirelessly to connect various ministries and raise awareness about the array of services offered throughout Catholic Charities”, says Rebekah. “It’s truly incredible to witness families that have faced tremendous hardships find success through the support provided by our center.”

Mariposa stands as a testament to the power of partnerships between the classroom, family and the community. By working hand in hand, they meet the developmental needs of each child, creating an environment that fosters learning and growth. The Mariposa Early Childhood Education center embodies a holistic approach that encourages a student’s success.

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