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Rescue is not always happy and cuddling animals and this week was definitely one of the VERY difficult weeks! We have had a lot of unexpected events, ER visits, heartbreak and difficult talks to make decisions. We want to send a giant thank you to our fosters who have also unexpectedly been involved with these cases this week and have shown all their love to their foster animals!

We always consider the best interest of the animal in these situations, regardless of the cost. With 6 ER visits in 3 days and more expenses upcoming, we are asking you to please consider making a donation towards one of our two kitty situations to help with their recovery and costs!


George had a rough time prior to being rescued by one of our partners and was found with severe burns across the lower half of his body. He spent several months being treated and having improvement on his burns and we accepted him into our care on Friday. When he arrived, one very large burn area was ripped open and bleeding and required an ER visit. Although he had improvements, that area of skin had a mixture of becoming too dry and the skin trying to stretch too much to continue recovery and a large area of it split open. It is unknown at this time how much the skin in the area can repair itself, but we have worked with his vet to come up with a very involved plan including surgery and detailed suture situation which will require multiple vet visits a week to start out for cleaning and bandage changes to help ensure infection control. We expect him to have a 4+ month recovery ahead of continued vet visits, but this very sweet, older guy seems up for the challenge (and so are we!). 

George’s bill is currently sitting $948 after his initial clean and temporary suture. He has a consult on Tuesday and then surgery to place the more intricate sutures . From there, we anticipate roughly $1200 a month for clean up/bandage change visits and $150 a month in medication while he is healing. We are looking at likely a minimum of $7000 for George’s overall treatment.

 Please consider helping George out!

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