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Demi's Animal Rescue is a Place That an Animal Can Grow, Improve and Rehabilitate. Volunteer run, all funds raised directly impact the animals in our care & allow us to continue to save those that are the most in need, while remaining fiscally responsible.

We have two campaigns featured below - one for George, a kitty who is badly burned and one for Bean, Brussel, Fig, Owen & Pumpkin who suffered from panleuk & smoke inhalation when their fosters home caught fire. Donations made to these campaigns will also count towards our Colorado Gives Day total!

A lot of organizations specialize in a specific breed, they may only take seniors or they may specialize in kittens and puppies and there is nothing wrong with that! Demi's Animal Rescue realizes that all types of animals are in need and are a victim of the pet homelessness, so we are open to take all cats and dogs. Pit bulls, healthy kittens, special needs seniors, medical cases, behavioral cases, etc. As long as there is a foster available that is equipped to take the animal in need, the rescue is willing to support that animal and take it under it's wing!

This goes for fosters and adopters as well! Our approach is keeping in mind that although it may not seem like it sometimes, most people have the best intentions. A lot of small things that a foster or adopter would be denied for at another organization could be easily fixed with some education and effort. We believe that with these two things, most people will make the right decisions and in turn will help with our mission. Some of our best supporters were denied somewhere else for extremely small or fixable reasons. Taking the time and effort, really helps keep these people on the right track instead of pushing them towards breeders, pet stores or other sources of pets that we are trying to eliminate. An amazing home can't always be chosen based off a questionnaire which is why we like to engage in conversation to get a real idea of who they are.

In August 2021, we opened our Thrift Store & Cat Lodge to help support the rescue and provide a safe space for overlooked cats. Demi's Animal Rescue Thrift Store and Cat Lodge was created to provide a safe space for high risk cats (senior cats, bonded pairs, under socialized cats, black cats, FIV positive cats and more) to be rehabilitated and given a platform to be highlighted to the public for adoption. 

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control with our landlord, the Thrift Store & Cat Lodge will be closing after two years on November 26th. Demi's Animal Rescue will continue on with our foster program that we have always had and are excited to see what comes next along side that!

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Demi's Animal Rescue is a no kill animal rescue that focuses on solving pet homelessness through adoption, spay/neuter and pet retention. We do not discriminate against any animal that is in need and open our door to all regardless of their breed, age or special care required. We strive to see the day that pet homelessness is eliminated worldwide. Once an animal reaches Demi's Animal Rescue… It Only Gets Better From Here.

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After years of advocating for animals, Demi started Demi's Animal Rescue - a registered 501c(3) non profit organization in 2010. Today, we have grown to a 5-member working board, along with countless dedicated volunteers and continue to make great strides in our endeavors to save more animals.

In August 2021, we opened our Thrift Store & Cat Lodge to help support the rescue and provide a safe space for overlooked cats. Demi's Animal Rescue Thrift Store and Cat Lodge was created to help us grow our mission by providing additional income to support the rescue and to provide a safe space for high risk cats to given a platform to be highlighted for adoption.

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