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Rescue is not always happy and cuddling animals and this week was definitely one of the VERY difficult weeks! We have had a lot of unexpected events, ER visits, heartbreak and difficult talks to make decisions. We want to send a giant thank you to our fosters who have also unexpectedly been involved with these cases this week and have shown all their love to their foster animals!

We always consider the best interest of the animal in these situations, regardless of the cost. With 6 ER visits in 3 days and more expenses upcoming,, we are asking you to please consider making a donation towards one of our two kitty situations to help with their recovery and costs!


Wednesday started off with our little guy Fig being taken to the ER for concerning symptoms that turned out to be panleuk. Sadly, the prognosis was not good and the very difficult decision to let him go before he suffered more had to be made. Bean, Brussel, Owen and Pumpkin were exposed, but not symptomatic at that time. We were crossing all paws that it would stay that way. By the next morning, Brussel and Bean seemed to be starting to feel a little down, but then even worse heartbreak hit – the fosters home caught fire. Thankfully, everyone (including the fosters pets) made it out and were rushed to the ER for assessment and treatment for smoke inhalation. Unfortunately, Bean and Brussel both also tested positive for panleuk and Brussel suffered severe smoke inhalation. Brussel was struggling a lot and his tiny little body could not handle the severity, so yet another very difficult decision had to be made to let him cross the rainbow bridge.


Bean was in a lot better condition and we opted to continue treatment on him to give him a chance! He was hospitalized for three days with supportive care, doing decent and fighting until he took a turn for the worse ☹ We had to let Bean join Fig and Brussel to go play painfree.


Pumpkin and Owen spent two days at the ER for monitoring for the smoke inhalation – but are doing great! The kittens bill was over $4,200. Contribute in memory of Fig, Brussel and Bean or in honor of Pumpkin and Owen and their continued health!

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