Better Tomorrow

A nonprofit organization

Better Tomorrow is the administrative nonprofit home cultivating programs that provide innovative, life-changing services to our community: Advocates of Routt County, Brighter World Child Advocacy Center, COMMA Projects, and Queer Futures. 

We strive to lead the nonprofit community by enabling continuous improvement in our program services, focused on delivering a broader impact.


Victims/Survivors testimonials

"Having your calming, kind presence by my side made a world of difference."

"Your agency gives so much to the women in need of comfort and understanding. I appreciate you more than these words can express."

"Thank you for the time you allowed me, the tears I've shared, and the unconditional kindness you have shown me."

"I don't call myself a victim any longer, I am a survivor!"

"You were such an important part of my journey to safety".

DEI Commitment

We acknowledge that we all exist in an unjust economic and social environment. We do everything we can within the scope of our work to confront these systems and counter their impact on everyone we influence, no matter how difficult or controversial. We institutionalize accountability to this vision at every level of the organization.


To serve as the innovative nonprofit home cultivating programs empowering people at risk of harm by advocating for their needs and inspiring courage.

Background Statement

Advocates started providing domestic violence support in Routt County 39 years ago. In 1985, we started serving sexual assault victims, added a 24/7 crisis line in 1997, and purchased a shelter for a confidential place for victims to stay in 1998. In 2018, we started the Social Change program, focusing on prevention programming. In 2020, we started the Youth Advocacy program providing support for teen primary victims as well as child secondary victims. In February 2021, we reorganized to "Better Tomorrow" to launch a sibling program to Advocates: Brighter World Child Advocacy Center. Brighter World opened its doors on August 1, 2021, to provide forensic interview services and support to child abuse victims.

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Better Tomorrow

other names

Advocates of Routt County, Brighter World Child Advocacy Center, Comma Projects, Queer Futures

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Human Services

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Large Organization


PO Box 771424 465 Anglers Dr. Suite B
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

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Routt County, CO, US

Moffat County, CO, US

Grand County, CO, US

Steamboat Springs, CO, US, 80487

Craig, CO, US, 81625



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