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It's been a dry summer which meant that our 80 acres of pasture only yielded about 80 small bales of hay.  OutPaws' Sweet Home Sanctuary has become the home to three steer rescued from the dairy industry.  Milkshake, Tim and Chance were all male calves who were taken from their mothers at birth and then designated as "discards."  They were rescued by kind individuals who thought they deserved a chance at life.  Those individuals began a search to find a place where they could live out their days and here they are.

 When Milkshake, Tim and Chance arrived at the Sweet Home Sanctuary, we had a 5 acre pasture fenced just for them.  But since April, they have grazed it down completely and it needs a rest break.  We left a 7 acre area uncut and are going to fence it off for the boys to have some new grass to graze going into fall and winter.  This should help us conserve hay as long as possible.  These sweet boys enjoy grazing so much and spend their days munching, romping and headbutting one another.  Unlike their family members who are stuck in the dairy industry, these boys get to live a happily ever after just being cows thanks to donors like you. 

Additionally, the more we can stretch this hay out for the winter, the more hay-eating residents we will be able to welcome. We have a fencing contractor ready to install the new fence line on Nov. 1.  Can you help us get the necessary funds to make this happen?

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