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We are the OutPaws' Sweet Home Sanctuary. We rescue abandoned, abused, and neglected farm and companion animals, providing them with a forever sanctuary. Our mission includes offering the community the chance to interact with farm animals and learn about how we can collectively become more compassionate toward all animal species.

This Colorado Gives Day, we need your help. Back in October, OutPaws' Sweet Home Sanctuary rescued nearly 60 goats from a hoarding situation. In the past two weeks alone, we've joyfully welcomed 29 adorable new additions born to the pregnant mamas we rescued. We are seeking your support in raising $20,000 to guarantee that our new residents enjoy a season of warmth, nourishment, and care this winter. Your generosity can make their journey to a better life possible.


"While providing specialty care and treatment to many OutPaws' residents, I've seen this organization transform from a dog and cat rescue into the current farm animal sanctuary.  Every animal here truly has a "sweet home" -- from the vast acreage for grazing and the views of Pike's Peak, to the love and care from the founder herself.  She not only runs this special sanctuary, but lives and breathes its mission. There is no better advocate, or home, for these hooved and feathered friends!"

-- Dr. Caitlin Leonard, On TRAC Veterinary Care

"OutPaws Sweet Home Sanctuary is an amazing and necessary rescue that offers a loving home where animals can feel protected. OutPaws became home to our 2 bottle calves, Tim & Chance. Chance had come from the dairy industry, where boys aren’t valued and he was living in a tiny pen, having been taken from his mom at birth.  When we saw Chance, we knew we had to be his “second chance” at life, and purchased him from the dairy farm.  After much love, care and vet bills to get this sickly calf healthy, we found him to be a sweet, loving and playful oversized puppy!  Realizing that we didn’t have the adequate space for Chance and his brother from another mother, Tim, we contacted OutPaws and they have been welcomed with open arms.  We love seeing the updates about their happy life, days in the pasture and becoming amazing representatives of the OutPaws Sweet Home Sanctuary.  OutPaws has rescued Greenbean the turkey, Huck the piglet, bunnies, domestic ducklings abandoned at local lakes, as well as numerous dogs and cats.  They are a loving respite from what could otherwise be a cruel life.  A sweet home indeed!"

-- Christina Feroe

"OutPaws' Sweet Home Sanctuary is one of the best organizations I have been involved with. It's hard to explain how moving it is to work on building a fence with a large cow next to you wanting your attention and offering help. I have never been that close to a cow before and the experience was great. Cows are incredibly social and sweet. This sanctuary offers a forever home to animals who would have otherwise lost their lives--now these farm animals have a safe place to roam and enjoy their freedom. This is a very peaceful place to enjoy as a volunteer and feel like you are making a difference. The sanctuary is growing and will be able to rescue many other animals but needs help making that possible."

-- Candice Brueck

"Carrie, the founder of OutPaws loves all the animals she rescues but senior dogs have a special place in her heart.  Our best boy and my soul dog, Baxter, was one of those seniors. Baxter was my first dog as an adult and Carrie was patient with all my questions on the best ways to care for him.  Carrie has now transitioned OutPaws from just dogs and cats to a Farm Sanctuary and  her love for all animals is extraordinary.  This amazing woman owns and maintains the 80-acre sanctuary by herself and any volunteers that are willing to help. I have personally volunteered and seen firsthand that she gives to her animals before herself. The Sweet Home Sanctuary deserves help in all forms. If you love animals please give anything you can to help out. If you desire to meet a cute pig named Huck or pet some cows named Milkshake, Chance, and Tim, become a volunteer."

-- Christy Franklin

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Saving the lives of animals while educating and changing views to end suffering

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OutPaws is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue organization that is dedicated to saving the lives of neglected and abused companion pets and farm animals. OutPaws was founded in 2013 as a foster-based dog and cat rescue. In 2021, we had the opportunity to expand to an 80-acre farm property and decided to transform our mission to best use our resources. Through its vegan farm animal sanctuary, OutPaws' Sweet Home Sanctuary can now provide forever homes to animals rescued from neglect situations, shelters, and the agricultural industry. OutPaws works to educate and advocate for the compassionate and humane treatment of all species. Through education and hands-on experience at the Sweet Home Sanctuary, OutPaws demonstrates to the community the need for change in the way our society currently regards our fellow animals.

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