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Splash's routine tooth pulling ended up being dental surgery. Please help fund this extra expense!


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Update posted 1 year ago
Wow! We've made our goal and then some! Thank you so much to all who have contributed! And because horses never stop eating, any funds above what is needed for Splash's dental surgery will be used to help pay for feed for our hungry horses1

Splash is always ready to "lean in" for any person who needs extra support.  Now is the time for us to "lean in" to help her!

On February 1, Splash went to the veterinary clinic to have two teeth removed.  One was broken.  One was abnormal.  She was supposed to come home after a couple of hours without the teeth and ready to get back to her normal routine.

Unfortunately, there were complications with the abnormal tooth.  It had fused to the bone and didn't want to come out!  A few procedures and two nights later, both teeth are out and Splash is ready to come home!  The extra time and procedures at the clinic mean additional expenses.  It also means that she'll have a six to eight week recovery time instead of going back to working with clients right away.  

Please help us cover Splash's dental surgery expenses.  We need to raise $3500 by the end of the month to cover this unexpected expense.  Please help this beautiful mare who does so much for the people around her.  All donations are very much appreciated!  Thank you.

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