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Donating to the Ramps and Alleys Clubhouse has a direct impact on the youth of our community.


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We are proud to announce that the Ramps and Alleys Clubhouse will be going into its 4th year of operation as a free to low-cost space for youth to skate, spend time with friends and be creative. 

And it is now, more than ever, that we need your help! 

For the past three years, our operating costs were funded through a generous foundation managed by the American Gift Fund. However, the foundation has shifted focus for 2024 and is helping fund medical relief efforts in the Middle East. 

We completely understand their decision but now we must be more diligent in securing funds going into 2024. If your kiddos use the space, please make a donation if you are able. If you are unfamiliar with our program, please continue reading and consider making a donation. We realize that fundraising for operating costs isn't as glamorous but it is extremely important for our continued success. 

Our goal of $3,000 will get us through one month of operating costs while we continue to write grants and seek additional donors. And, if we make the goal, we will put $800 of that into new skateboards for the kids. Thank you to all our past, present and future supporters.  

- Stacy Falk, Clubhouse Founder and Director

Who we are:

The Ramps and Alleys Clubhouse is designed to provide a safe, fun, hang out for the youth of Chaffee County and operates under the 501-C3 status of the Ark Valley High Rollers Roller Derby Team. Our mission is to provide educational and recreational activities while promoting healthy lifestyles and building positive relationships.

The Ramps and Alleys Clubhouse offers a commons area and community space for people of all ages to hang out, paint, play games, and meet new friends. The Clubhouse also offers an indoor mini skate area and an outdoor skate ramp with a full size run of equipment for those who don't have their own.

What we do:

The #1 rule of the club is to “Be Excellent to Each other”. Clubhouse volunteers have been pleasantly surprised to find users of the space upholding this rule and teaching it to others. Users also find it easy to uphold the rule that designates the space as “screen-free”. Clubhouse kids find it easy to stay busy and engaged with each other and with physical challenges that come from skating.

The Ramps and Alleys Clubhouse has partnered with local programs such as the Boys and Girls Club of Chaffee County, elevateHer, Alpine Achievers, and the Family and Youth Initiatives to offer roller skating and skateboarding opportunities. Many participants then join other club sponsored programs such as junior roller derby.

Programming and activities at the Clubhouse are intended to be free of charge or very little cost for special programs. This is only possible through donations, grants, fundraisers, and community support.

Youth ownership:

The kids that inspired the Clubhouse initially were excited to be involved in its creation. Director, Stacy Falk, enlisted the support of the kids that she had met hanging out in skate parks around town. They helped build the interior features of the indoor skate park, paint walls and floors and furniture, clean up the dilapidated exterior space, and they eagerly marketed the space to their friends. 

The first year of Clubhouse kids have taken so much ownership of the place that in addition to spending much of their free time there, they give tours, encourage donations, and show up to help with projects and events whenever needed.  

The club has become a safe space for everyone, especially within the LGBTQIA+ community where adults and youth feel comfortable to be who they are and share their stories. 

Why Donate:

By donating to the club, you are helping facilitate operating costs and new gear that can and will keep us rolling for years to come. The longevity of the clubhouse will allow us to continue our partnerships with so many great organizations that use the space for their programming as well.  You can see our "Use of Funds" pie chart to see exactly how we will spend your donation. THANK YOU!!!! 

Please see our web page for more information https://www.rampsandalleys.com/ramps-and-alleys-clubhouse

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