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Family is the Ultimate Team! Empowering families to thrive with personalized Family Coaching.


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Families today need our support more than ever! Unfortunately, many people are not in a financial position to get the tools and support they desperately need and want. 

Our goal is to have a scholarship fund available for families seeking coaching who are not able to afford our coaching fees of $500 for a package of three sessions. 

Parenting can be a struggle, and some of the benefits of 10GG family coaching include the following:

  • Lower levels of stress 
  • More meaningful family engagements
  • Personalized support with difficult parenting challenges
  • Children who embody strong qualities and values

We coach with time-tested, proven tools that bring back happy kids and happy parents!

Options include:

  • One and/or both parents are supported by a family coach
  • 10GG family coach supports the entire family
  • Secure virtual sessions
  • Fees are discussed during your consultation
  • Scholarships and financial aid are available via the application/screening process

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