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The 10 Greatest Gifts process was launched over 30 years ago and is now utilized in over 30 countries. Our tools bring simplicity to parenting and activate people's greatest potential! We believe in conscious parenting and are passionate about nurturing the flow of love and connection in families and communities. Creating an environment where all family members experience unconditional love, acceptance, and respect! As a nonprofit, we equip parents, caregivers, and educators with five easy-to-use tools that are effective at nurturing children of all ages. When these five tools are utilized consciously, children flourish, both now and in the future.

The goal of our signature seminars, family coaching, mobile app, and books? To empower you to manifest a family that thrives! This approach comes from Simon & Schuster's best-selling, family-building book The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children by Steven Vannoy. 

We believe that all children and all people deserve love and deserve the opportunity to reach their fullest potential! All children are equal, worthy of loving, present, wise adults to guide and nurture them. The impact we've seen our tools have on children and adults is they embody more self-worth, self-reliance, and responsibility. They approach life with optimism, wisdom, and critical thinking abilities. They connect with their eternal compass and have the ability to make healthy and wise decisions, decisions that support them in creating a cohesive, joyful, and empowered life. They are hopeful about life and their future. Both caregivers and children are equipped with time-tested, proven, practical tools to navigate effectively through the triumphs and challenges of life.  

We aim to transform families and communities upstream, addressing societal problems at the source and eventually alleviating the need for many of the programs that are "fixing" issues downstream after they have already occurred. To do this, we train and certify dedicated, passionate individuals, to share our tools and concepts through seminars, family coaching, books, and our mobile app. After becoming equipped with our five tools, these people will positively impact their families and communities and, in return, will transform and uplift the world. 


Our mission is uplifting lives—creating infinite connections, possibilities, and love!

At The 10 Greatest Gifts Project our mission is to cultivate positive change by fostering hope, empowerment, and meaningful connections in the lives of individuals, families, and youth, while strengthening communities. Through innovative programs, collaborative initiatives, and unwavering support, we aim to inspire and nurture the inherent potential within each person, guiding them toward a future filled with purpose and possibility. We are committed to spreading joy, compassion, and the belief that every individual, from the youngest to the oldest, possesses the power to create a lasting, positive impact on the world.

We hold the conviction that resilient and robust families form the bedrock of both the well-being of our citizens and our collective future. Through the proficient implementation of our services and the collection of success stories and assessments, we will gauge the presence of increased connection, communication, and mental and emotional wellness among individuals. As a result, children will mature into healthier, productive adults, contributing enhanced value to their families and community. Furthermore, adults and young adults will embody effective communication, life, and coping skills.

Background Statement

In 1993, our Founder, Mr. Vannoy, wrote a book called The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children based on his personal parenting journey and other parents' journeys. He approached many top publishers to get the book into the hands of other parents. After countless rejections, he self-published the book. Because of strong reviews and strong word of mouth, the book quickly climbed to the top five best-sellers in Colorado. Before long, those same publishers entered into a bidding war to republish it. Steven chose Simon and Schuster, and it quickly became one of their all-time best-selling parenting books.

Steven became one of the most sought-after speakers for various associations and organizations, such as the National School Counselors Association, National Pediatrics Association, National Housing Authorities Directors, and hundreds of school districts that used his program for teacher in-service days. He also held open seminars for parents and grandparents who saw the value in the tools discussed in his book.

Other parenting books are often written referencing experts and clinical research in the field. The distinction of The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children is that it goes to the source of parenting: parents and grandparents in the trenches. This book was created by Steven's personal experiences in transformative parenting and the valuable information he gleaned from over 400 focus groups and thousands of family interviews. Many of these accounts appear in the book, prompting parents to learn from each other.

Not long after the rise in the demand for his speaking engagements, a former participant asked Steven, "Your book saved my family. Do you have anything that will help my corporation? "Knowing that these tools had a transformative effect on adults, Steven started a company called Pathways to Leadership to teach the tools for corporate leadership. Its mission continues today — engaging organizations that want to see their employees' work and morale soar. Many Fortune 100 companies such as Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Ford Motors, and many others have adopted the wellness concepts of Verus Global as their primary leadership approach.

The 10 Greatest Gifts Project aims to gift parents and grandparents with these valuable tools and continue a deep connection so that these concepts become second nature. We desire to see people so excited about the tools they gain that they're eager to share them with their friends and family!

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