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The Kempe Foundation is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization focused on the prevention of childhood trauma and providing effective treatments for those subjected to child abuse and neglect. The Kempe Foundation provides financial support to the Kempe Center, the oldest institution of its kind in the United States that has a multi-disciplinary approach to address the challenges that traumatized and maltreated children face. 

Photos from our Policymakers Breakfast in October 2023. Read more about our advocacy efforts this year here

Kempe is currently focused on expanding two programs, the Kids In Care Settings (KICS) clinic and the Trauma Responsive Implementation and Practice (TRIP) In Schools. These programs have the potential to reach thousands of children and hundreds of teachers and administrators in the coming years. Below you can read more about each program. Kempe means a lot to me, but I need your help so we can tackle the increasing challenges faced by vulnerable children and families. 

This year, Kempe has a goal to raise $100,000 on Colorado Gives Day, which we can achieve with your help. Our personal fundraising goal this year is $20,000 and we’ll match up to $5,000 raised from your donations to get us to our goal. 

Photos from the Stories of Hope Annual Gala in April 2023

We bring hope to children and families. When children receive the help they need from Kempe Center professionals and programs, they begin to live healthier and happier lives. At the Kempe Foundation, we have hope for the future because we believe children are resilient. We work to ensure all children have the opportunity to develop and grow in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment by providing world-class care for children and families whose lives have been impacted by trauma.

Photos from the EndCAN walk in October 2023 that the Kempe Foundation sponsored

Your support is deeply appreciated. We believe that we can reach our goal of $100,000 together.

Be a friend to Kempe and a friend to children.  Please consider a donation today to The Kempe Foundation. 

Take a look at the Kempe Foundation-supported programs we are focusing on:

Trauma-Responsive Implementation and Practice Program (TRIP)

The Trauma-Responsive Implementation and Practice (TRIP) program integrates, enhances and implements trauma-responsive and culturally appropriate practices for parents, educators and professionals across the human service fields.

The Kempe Foundation supported the implementation of TRIP in Montezuma County Elementary School. Here are some of the results: 

School leaders and staff reported

- A sense of psychological safety and well-being. 

- Dramatic increase in staff wellness.

- Staff became involved in the change. 

- Student referrals to the principal’s office were reduced by 80%. This met a primary goal of the school administration. 

Kids In Care Settings (KICS) Clinic 

The Kempe Foundation, in partnership with Children’s Hospital of Colorado, Arapahoe County Department of Human Services and Colorado Hospital Substance Exposed Newborn Quality Improvement Collaborative (CHoSEN QIC) supports the Kids In Care Settings (KICS) clinic for children ages 0-18.  

The KICS clinic is a medical home for children and teens who are in out-of-home placement.  The KICS care model is trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and focuses on both biological families as well as foster and kinship families. The clinic focuses on timely access to primary care, mental behavioral health, and dental health services. 

Fostering Healthy Futures

The Fostering Healthy Futures® (FHF) program is a positive youth development program that uses mentoring and skills training to empower youth to foster their own healthy futures.

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