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Kempe is a world leader in the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. We bring together leading research and treatment professionals, policy makers and community members to make sure every child has the opportunity to develop and grow in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment.

Our Impact

"Things were falling a part…we couldn't take them (our foster children) to church, we couldn't go to Sunday school, we couldn't go into the grocery store. We went from on the edge of losing it to a controlled situation almost immediately with Kempe's support. We have the tools now to manage them and it has made all the difference. The biggest difference in those children's lives was The Kempe Center. Words cannot express the overall difference they made in our family."

David Story, Foster and Adoptive Parent


"We try to move on and make the best of every day; we thank God for places like Kempe."

Chris Slater, a parent whose son received help from the Kempe Child Protection Team


“Kempe’s mission of strengthening families, communities and the systems that serve them is more vital now than ever. At Kempe, every month is Child Abuse Prevention Month.”

- Dr. Kathi Wells, Executive Director of The Kempe Center


“My commitment to Kempe is fueled by an intense compassion for and interest in giving children a voice. Throughout the pandemic, Kempe’s work became more important than ever with children away from the classroom, stressed parents, health worries and potential economic implications impacting the workforce. I have never been so proud to represent a force for good in the current environment.”

- Cindie Jamison, Kempe Foundation Board Member


“Among professionals working in the field of child abuse and neglect, The Kempe Center has long been regarded as a touchstone and resource for teaching, educating, idea-sharing, cultural awareness and distinctions, journal publication and worldwide gatherings and meetings. In our society, the Kempe Center serves to remind us of our responsibilities to protect the vulnerable – our children – as well as their needs and rights here in Colorado and everywhere."

-Annie Kempe, a daughter of Dr. Kempe


“Our children’s future and the world’s future are one.”

-Dr. C. Henry Kempe

Giving Activity


The Kempe Foundation is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization focused on the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. We work to ensure all children have the opportunity to develop and grow in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment by supporting experts in the field, advocating for children and engaging with communities. Through partnerships with The Kempe Center, human service agencies, other child-serving nonprofits and funders, we make a difference in the lives of children, families and communities.

So how do we accomplish our mission?

We support experts:

The Kempe Foundation is a network of caring community members whose dollars directly support professionals in the field of child abuse, neglect and trauma treatment and prevention. We support research-based programs offered by Kempe Center professionals, advance trainings for practitioners, and invest in solutions that improve the lives of children and families.

We engage with communities:

At the Kempe Foundation, we believe children and families are resilient. When parents are provided with the resources they need to care for themselves and their families, children will live safer and healthier lives. Oftentimes, families are unaware or unable to access the resources that would help them succeed. To solve this problem, the Kempe Foundation works alongside human services agencies, nonprofit organizations and other community partners to strengthen the systems that support children and families.

We advocate for children:

Building a safe, healthy and happy future for children requires collaboration between parents, practitioners and policymakers. The Kempe Foundation's policy team collaborates with Kempe professionals, child welfare advocates and legislators to push forward child-focused policies that will improve the lives of children and families in Colorado and beyond. We work with state and national lawmakers as well as human services agencies to advance laws, policies and programs that provide opportunities for children to live safe, healthy and happy lives.

Background Statement

The Kempe Foundation and Kempe Center have 50 years of impact:

In 1962, Dr. C. Henry Kempe and his colleagues led the identification and recognition of child abuse with the defining paper, The Battered Child Syndrome. This paper was regarded as the single most significant event in creating awareness and exposing the reality of child abuse. It gave doctors a way to understand and identify child abuse and neglect, along with information about how to report suspected abuse. Dr. Kempe was a tenacious researcher and a relentless advocate, working tirelessly to change policy, laws and perceptions to better protect children.

Inspired by these findings, Dr. Kempe founded the Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect in 1972 to create a network of professionals to improve the care and well-being of children and families everywhere. A few years later, in 1976, The Kempe Foundation was formed to increase awareness, engage in advocacy and secure resources for The Kempe Center. Today, the Kempe Center is recognized as a world leader in innovating solutions to prevent and treat child abuse, neglect and trauma.

The Kempe Center is a living legacy to a brilliant researcher, teacher and prominent pediatrician who became one of America’s pioneers in the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. During his professional career, Dr. Kempe received two nominations for the Nobel Prize. The first nomination was for his work in developing a safer smallpox vaccine, which helped eradicate this childhood disease around the world. The second nomination was recognition for his contribution to the prevention and treatment of child abuse. Due to the catalyzing efforts of Dr. Kempe, reporting laws exist in all 50 states.

The Kempe Foundation is committed to our continued investment in research, advocacy, education and training that will provide opportunities for all children and families to live safe and healthy lives.

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