Making our community, stronger, TOGETHER!

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Help us give TEN more home improvement loans with no interest in the first year!


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Colorado Gives Day is right around the corner… will you give where you live?

Making our community stronger, TOGETHER! 

Localworks is a 501c3 nonprofit that in partnership with the City of Wheat Ridge, strives to make Wheat Ridge a more vibrant and sustainable place to live and work. Localworks' programs are possible through private funding. Donations from you make our work possible and allow us to continue the programs our community loves, and moreover, needs. This year, Localworks encourages you to give where you live on Colorado Gives Day, and we are looking for YOU to help us reach our $10,000 fundraising goal.

Localworks has many programs that benefit our local businesses and residents, but there is one program in particular that Localworks is looking to re-engage the community in, a program that directly gives back to you, our Home Improvement Loan Program. Our community is special, and it is not the homes that make our community special, it is the people that fill them, and that is why we want to make your renovation become a reality! The Localworks Home Improvement Loan Program (HIP) helps Wheat Ridge homeowners increase the value of their property with a loan that is accessible to everyone, no matter who you are. Making this an equitable process is our #1 priority, and your donation helps us do this.  Each loan given is a 5-year term, with the first year having no interest, which your donation directly impacts. Years 2-5 on the loan offer an interest rate 1% lower than the WSJ Prime Rate.

Localworks wants to make this programming bigger and better, and offer up to 10 more loans with guaranteed no interest in the first year of the loan. Raising $10,000 ensures that no interest is available for up to TEN Home Improvement Loans. A big thank you to the Localworks' Presenting Colorado Gives Day Sponsor, Paramount Roofing and Gutters, who will be matching the first $2,000 in donations pre-scheduled or given on this year's Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, Dec. 6th. Will you be a part of this vision, making Wheat Ridge a more vibrant and sustainable place for us to all live and work? Your donation matters, and your community matters. Give where you live, and let Localworks worry about the rest.

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