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Localworks is advancing Wheat Ridge as a vibrant and sustainable community. All of our work is informed and shaped by these core values: community, catalyst for revitalization, future-oriented, sustainability, and believe in community potential.


"This fabulous organization has so many resources for the community and offers tons of events throughout the year! Great way to know all their events is to get involved!!! I guarantee, you'll enjoy it and make some friends in the community!" -Nuzia K.

"Localworks...oh, I wish I could give you more than 5 stars! Just got your postcard in the mail regarding upcoming events and activities. Sure brings a community together. Thank you!." - Carla M.

"An amazing organization that brings together people and events, businesses and opportunity. A key part of a vibrant Wheat Ridge." - Ayrolyn K.

"Yeah WR 2020! So much support to council initiative and citizen needs and desires over the last 10 years, in so many innovative and productive ways! Thank you!" - Kim C.

"The Wheat Ridge Bus Tour was fantastic! Having lived in Wheat Ridge for 22 years we were amazed at everything we learned about our great city on this tour. We visited neighborhoods that we had no idea were part of Wheat Ridge, learned fun facts of the history of the city and the squirrely boundaries, and of course heard some wonderful stories of some of our more accomplished residents - both historic and present day. Britta was a delightful tour guide and the interaction with the other participants was stimulating and enlightening. And of course the socializing afterwards brought a delightful end to an educational, fun-filled afternoon". -Kevin and Diane Robb


Localworks is advancing Wheat Ridge as a vibrant and sustainable community.

Background Statement

In January 2005, the Wheat Ridge City Council retained a consulting team to perform an independent analysis of the problems and opportunities that exist in the City of Wheat Ridge. Wheat Ridge 2020 (now Localworks) came out of this analysis with the goal of facilitating and encouraging appropriate development in Wheat Ridge.

The city and the consulting team created a plan, titled Repositioning Wheat Ridge, which mapped out the work that Wheat Ridge 2020 (WR2020) would need to undertake as the primary vehicle in Wheat Ridge responsible for encouraging appropriate development necessary to retain and attract strong Jefferson County and Denver Metro area households.

The plan included:

- Creating an image for Wheat Ridge and promoting the specific identities to selected market niches, both residential and commercial.

- Facilitating more competitive housing development through communication with builders, investors, home buyers, home owners, etc.

- Encouraging higher levels of improvement and maintenance in residential and commercial sites, as well as public spaces.

- Promoting development of designated commercial sites and clusters.

- Encouraging effective resident, institutional, and business leadership on the WR2020 Board and also in neighborhood and city-wide activities.

Repositioning Wheat Ridge set the tone for the work of WR2020. It focused on taking advantage of Wheat Ridge's current assets, and building on them to create a community that will be attractive to the strong households that will fill an important niche in the community.

In 2015, WR2020 rebranded as Localworks. Localworks will carry on the same mission and values of the organization, advancing a vibrant and sustainable Wheat Ridge while becoming an even stronger force for connection and development. Localworks shines the spotlight on what really makes the community great: The impassioned and committed residents.

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