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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado
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HUH is raising funds to continue to support our Eagle County members.


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The vision for Heads Up for Hope provides its members, in Eagle County, with a safe, supportive, “trigger-free” environment that allows for sharing personal experiences, obstacles, treatments, and resources with others on the same path, to assist with engaging in life.

Bringing our Valley's (The Vail Valley/Eagle County, CO) Brain Injured and their Caregivers together!

It is the intention of the Heads Up For Hope Brain Injury and Caregivers Support Group (HUH) to provide a safe, comfortable, ‘trigger-free’ environment that allows for sharing personal experiences related to members' injuries. Treatments, obstacles, tools learned educational materials, and resources.

The Heads Up for Hope mission is to provide HOPE for those who have survived a brain injury and their family or caregivers.

You are not alone!

A brain injury can leave you confused. You have had an injury, and you look like yourself to your family and friends, but inside your head, your thoughts are different.  You may have difficulty remembering things, experience mood swings and sensitivity to lights and sounds, difficulty reading or using the computer/phone, you are questioning yourself….what is going on? Your family and friends are also confused and concerned, you are not acting like you!  It is a very scary and lonely time. You may feel isolated and not know what to do next.

You are not alone!

Heads Up for Hope offers a community support group for you after your brain injury and for your caregivers or family members. A brain injury is a hidden injury, but it can affect all of you.  Heads Up for Hope offers a safe, informative atmosphere for sharing frustrations, challenges, and difficulties with others who are also experiencing similar issues.  Within the group, our members offer concrete ideas for managing daily life, exploring strategies for alternative ways to do things, celebrating accomplishments, and providing reassurances for a better day and a better life.

Heads Up for Hope offers hope!

Heads Up for Hope offers an environment where You are not alone!

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness”. - TUTU

This fundraiser supports

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Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado

Organized By Elizabeth Sullivan

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