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Please join the team at FRMB in supporting COMBA's efforts towards creating more and better trails!


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Floyd Hill? Rutabaga Ride? Hard Money? If any of those names ring a bell then it sounds like you've been enjoying the latest trail offerings in the Front Range. We at FRMB appreciate the tireless work of the Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) making a big impact on our riding choices. Since 1991, COMBA has been advocating for more and better trails in the Central Front Range so that singletrack shredders like you can end your ride with a big grin on your face. And then do it all again tomorrow. 

This Colorado Gives Day we're asking all FRMBers to show your support for the work done by COMBA that gives us better places to ride. Imagine the collective impact we can have if we each give just $5! This mighty non profit organization relies on individual memberships, donations, and grants to keep the shovels in the dirt, and attend the countless hours of meetings with land managers to represent us mountain bikers. Someone's gotta do it and these cats are up to the task.

A donation to COMBA is a fantastic way to give back to the sport you love and support a sustainable and strong future for mountain biking in Colorado's Front Range. 

COMBA's Greatest Hits List

  1. Six brand new one-way directional trails opened in the last five years including Rutabaga Ride (Lair o' The Bear) in 2023
  2. 10,000+ trail maintenance hours in 2023
  3. Robust Women's Program conducting 21 events in 2023
  4. New trail system opening in Idaho Springs 2024
  5. 32 years and counting supporting mountain bikers

Please join us in supporting COMBA this year on December 5th!!

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