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Working to ensure safe places to ride and train.


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As a member of the racing community, you know the importance of having safe places to ride and train. Earlier this year, Bicycle Colorado acquired the Bike Racing Association of Colorado so that we could join forces to help make riding a safe and joyful experience for everyone. 

Given the size of the racing community and the number of riders killed or seriously injured in bicycle crashes this year alone, it is likely that unsafe conditions have impacted you or someone you know. Research tells us that the most common reason people don’t ride a bike or don’t allow their kids to ride is fear of getting hit by the driver of a vehicle. In Colorado, 65% of people say they would start riding a bike or ride more often if they had safer places to ride. 

But changes in infrastructure and laws that protect cyclists don’t just happen.  Without Bicycle Colorado’s diligent advocacy work over the past 31 years, there would not be a 3 feet to pass law, automated traffic control, or open bike shops and continued racing during the pandemic. It takes passionate people, financial resources and many tenacious hours to keep moving forward. Some climbs are steeper than others; it took Bicycle Colorado seven years of work to get “Safety Stop” passed. 

It’s understandable that bicyclists fear being hit by a person driving a vehicle. No person should fear for their life or the life of a loved one when on a bike. And certainly, no person should ever be killed while riding. Our mission is to address these safety concerns, and we need your help.

We are enjoying getting to know you and serving Colorado’s racing community on a new level. Now we are asking for your help. There is a great deal of work that still needs to be done to keep all of us safe while riding. Will you please join the movement to support our advocacy work by making your gift today?

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