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We are bridging underserved communities with vital resources and the transformative 10GG tools!


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Our plan involves orchestrating three to four dynamic events across various Denver neighborhoods. These gatherings will embody the spirit of collaboration, uniting many nonprofits and businesses dedicated to providing vital resources within targeted areas. Think of these events as vibrant, miniature conventions or spirited block parties designed to foster community engagement and upliftment. We envision transforming local parks, community centers, or schools into vibrant venues for these occasions.

We'll invite trusted organizations to set up booths, showcasing their valuable resources to the community. The events will last about three to four hours, featuring a well-planned schedule of workshops and guest speakers who share insights, skills, tools, and empowerment strategies.

As a prime example, The 10 Greatest Gifts Project will conduct a 60-minute workshop, introducing our profoundly impactful tools and life skills tailored to empower families and communities to thrive. We also plan to extend invitations to other inspirational speakers and community-based organizations, creating a diverse tapestry of insights.

Attendance at these interactive workshops will be highly encouraged among guests and resource providers, as they are pivotal to the event's core purpose. To infuse an element of excitement, attendees will be granted raffle tickets, offering them the chance to win useful prizes. These raffle tickets will also be distributed at each resource station or table that guests engage with, further encouraging meaningful interactions and knowledge sharing.

We prioritize attendee comfort and convenience. We'll provide complimentary refreshments and free childcare, ensuring families can fully participate without concerns.

The event will offer a variety of community resources for attendees to connect with directly. Each guest will receive resource information tote to gather valuable materials. Inside the tote, they'll find access to The 10 Greatest Gifts free Mobile App, introduced during our informative 60-minute workshop.

The Mobile App boasts a robust section dedicated to vetted resources, meticulously categorized by neighborhood and further sub-categorized. Printed versions of the resources will also be readily available upon request, catering to individuals who may not have access to or prefer not to utilize the app.

By orchestrating an event that combines networking opportunities with tangible takeaways, along with the technological accessibility of our mobile app, we aim to empower attendees with a comprehensive toolkit to navigate and enhance their lives within their respective communities.

The Community Empowerment Pathways program is thoughtfully designed to address the specific needs of underserved neighborhoods. We'll categorize events by regions: Globeville-Elyria-Swansea (GSE) and Montbello, central Denver, West Denver (Sun Valley, Athmar Park, Barnum, Sloans Lake), and East Denver (North Park Hill, South Park Hill, East Colfax). This approach ensures tailored support. According to CRP News, specific Denver neighborhoods like Elyria-Swansea, Globeville, and Sun Valley face a higher likelihood of incarceration than others. Additionally, research from the Denver Housing Organization highlights Sun Valley as one of Denver's most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods for many years.

We are firmly committed to prioritizing Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Latinx, elderly, and LGBTQ2S communities in our initiatives. This strategic endeavor aims to make our services accessible and impactful to diverse neighborhoods, communities, and populations, regardless of their background.

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