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Helping the HEROES we depend on; the largest sector experiencing Depression & Suicide post-pandemic


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KAHUBA.org is “EMPOWERING LIVES TO THRIVE!”        By serving as an umbrella organization with outreach arms benefiting Humans, Animals and Nature that embraces multi-nonprofit collaboration, KAHUBA programs annually assist 15,000+ youth, teens, adults, seniors, minorities, disabled, emergency/first responders, active military, veterans & families, along with 1,000+ animals. 

Douglas County ARPA Grant Committee commented in April 2023: “KAHUBA offers some of the STRONGEST & MOST INNOVATIVE evidence-based SOLUTIONS to support mental, emotional & physical resilience and suicide prevention” by curating programs & education via KAHUBA Animal & Nature Sanctuaries; Human Holistic Outreach; plus Service & Training.  

INTRODUCING BEMER BIOMEDICAL THERAPY . . . Powerful and effective enough for use in hospitals, yet safe and simple enough to use at home.  A revolutionary and relaxing bio technology that improves every aspect of health and vitality in only 8 minutes!  With 5 global patents, 22 peer reviewed double-blind US clinical studies (found on Pubmed.gov searching "BEMER Therapy"), and over 250 medical studies worldwide, BEMER is the only low intensity and low frequency FDA Class II cleared PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field) consumer medical device in the world proven to optimize critical blood flow via vasomotion in the vital micro vessels, which accounts for 74% of your body's critical circulation!  Learn more at https://Kahuba.BemerGroup.com

KAHUBA has a goal is to place BEMER Medical Devices throughout Colorado to aid every Emergency/First Responder in their workplace, and our Veterans and Seniors in their community care centers (e.g. fire/police/sheriff/EMT stations, hospitals, elder care & VA facilities, KAHUBA Centers, etc.).  Support services provided will include: weekly live 30-minute medical team led Zoom BEMER presentation with usage training followed by 30-minutes of Q&A; access to a medical support hotline; plus an extensive opt-in library of information for every user to have at their fingertips. 

KAHUBA is raising funds now to assist (urban) Douglas County & (rural) Custer County, as our pilot program to determine the optimal number of devices needed per location to provide all employees an 8-minute therapy session before, during or after shift.  Raising $120K will serve up to 2160 people/sessions daily by placing 15 BEMER units in self-service wellness alcoves @ $8000 per set-up.  That equates to a therapy cost of $55 per person, per year, for the first year (or 15 cents per day), and $0 after that for the life of the device. 

The ultimate validation is BEMER's impressive 2015-2020 collaboration with NASA to research and develop a wearable undergarment suit to help astronauts struggling with numerous ills while orbiting including muscle atrophy, bone loss, dysfunctional blood flow, and other physiological effects.  Over 4000 hospitals in 43 countries, and 1 million users worldwide depend on BEMER to help the body be the natural doctor it is meant to be, by increasing healthy blood flow and oxygen delivery, then eliminating toxic Co2, optimizing health in all 12-systems, organs, tissues and cells to bring the body back into homeostasis, including regulating the autonomic nervous system — our emotional regulator. (Per the National Library of Medicine, dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system may explain why depressed patients are at increased risk of death.)  

BEMER IMPROVES . . . Oxygen Delivery, Local Blood Flow, Co2 Removal, Muscle Conditioning, Performance, Physical Fitness, Muscular Strength, Endurance and Energy, Vitality and Well-Being, Stress Reduction and Relaxation, and Sleep Management. BEMER helps reduce oxidative stress by gently detoxing the body at the cellular level.  Results from a highly sophisticated 2022 CSU equine study revealed BEMER Therapy is proven to significantly reduce spinal issues in four categories, including muscle and nerve discomfort and also showed an increase in respiratory performance.  


"As a retired Fire Chief, I’m grateful to see at-risk Emergency Responders benefit from KAHUBA's wide range of relaxing, non-invasive therapeutic programs for over a decade, witnessing firefighters/police/sheriff/doctors/active military, veterans and civilians dramatically improve their wellbeing, especially through daily BEMER Therapy.  I am so convinced of the authenticity and effectiveness of KAHUBA programs that I’ve personally contributed hundreds of volunteer hours to maintain and improve their ranches over the last 8 years. During this time, I’ve seen people from all levels of society benefit from participating in KAHUBA programs. Founder and Executive Director, Andrea Pomarico, has doggedly pursued KAHUBA’s vision of offering wellness services to those in need with a level of love and compassion rarely seen by the developers of such programs. 

Arturo J. Morales

Retired Fire Chief Castle Rock Fire Department - CO

(Learn more at https://Kahuba.BemerGroup.com ) 

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