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KAHUBA.org offers holistic wellness-related outreach arms that benefit humans, animals and nature through comprehensive, integrated programs globally

🧡Non-Invasive Healing Therapies benefitting all ages, at-risk populations, and animals

⚕️Wellness Education & Retreats

🐴No-Kill Animal Rescue & Rehab Sanctuaries 

🌳Regenerative Earth Stewardship


"As a retired Fire Chief, I’m grateful to see at-risk Emergency Responders benefit from KAHUBA's wide range of relaxing, non-invasive therapeutic programs. For over a decade, I have witnessed firefighters/police/sheriff/doctors/caregivers/veterans AND civilians dramatically improve their wellbeing. I am so convinced of the authenticity and effectiveness of KAHUBA programs that I’ve personally contributed hundreds of volunteer hours to the maintain and improve their ranches over the last 8 years. During this time, I’ve seen people from all levels of society benefit from participating in KAHUBA programs. Founder and Executive Director, Andrea Pomarico, has doggedly pursued KAHUBA’s vision of offering wellness services to those in need with a level of love and compassion rarely seen by the developers of such programs. She and her team also serve as mentors to live-in staffers who exponentially grow their compassion and service to our community. By stewarding KAHUBA sanctuary animals and land in intentionally guided ways, interns experience a healthy relationship with ALL as our future leaders!"

Arturo J. Morales

Retired Fire Chief Castle Rock Fire Department - CO

"As a result of my positive transformation from KAHUBA’s ongoing programs, I’ve been inspired to serve KAHUBA Board of Directors as past President, and Board of Advisors since 2020. I've personally experienced some degree of mental health challenges in my life and appreciate KAHUBA programs helping me navigate my own life circumstances more easily, empowering me with simple, powerful tools and techniques that offer self-soothing and self-healing that I can take wherever I go. I had also been struggling with debilitating chronic discomfort in my upper arm, stiffness, achy joints, along with scar tissue left from old injuries in my left arm. Experiencing the BEMER Therapy during workshops was valuable for shifting my overall mental, emotional and physical state, impressing me so that I purchased my own unit to use at home." 

Steve Dobo 

Founder, Colorado Youth for Change; CEO/Founder, Zero Dropouts & Up With Africa - Denver, CO

"For the past 7 years, I’ve benefited from KAHUBA’s programs promoting my whole-being health and wellness. I’ve witnessed their efforts to enhance our community bonding flourish, fostering kindness, inclusivity, compassion, and creativity, in harmony with all beings that surround them. I recall, personally, initially struggling with heartache and loss caused by the untimely death of my sister. KAHUBA’s experiential offerings allowed me to explore my life through a fresh lens of possibilities, and supported my development of skills to maintain whole-being wellness. My most powerful experience was observing the rescue animals transform as they began to trust the humans who cared for them, overcoming their individual past traumas. Watching the horses reciprocate that same loving support through KAHUBA Equine Assisted Therapy touched my heart. Using BEMER Therapy was valuable for shifting my overall mental, emotional, and physical state.  I had been struggling with stiffness, brain fog, lack of focus, and low energy. After experiencing the BEMER, I enjoyed remarkable results feeling more relaxed, emotionally balanced, flexible with far less discomfort, mentally on point, vibrant, and ready to engage in life more fully after use."

Noelle Dunker

K-6 Wellness Educator - Castle Rock, CO

"I arrived at KAHUBA during a time of great upheaval and uncertainty in my life. I was facing serious health challenges, under considerable stress, and scared. Upon meeting KAHUBA’s staff, I felt at ease. A feeling of hope washed over me and I sensed that profound healing was possible here, which proved to be extremely accurate. I experienced deep relaxation and an opening in my heart during a session of sound healing. My spiritual connection was enhanced, and I was able to see my health challenges in the context of a broader perspective which provided solace and some much needed distance from the challenges at hand. KAHUBA staff were a constant source of encouragement and positivity, devoted to my wholeness and healing, as well as their ranch animals. I am happy to report that 1 year later my medical condition has been completely arrested. Using BEMER Therapy at home daily, alongside the multi-modality healing work I received at KAHUBA, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that my stay at their Sanctuary kick-started my healing process in a profound way and played a crucial role in my healing." 

Stephen P. Weiss M.D. 

Board Certified Physician, Family Practice & Holistic Integrative Medicine - Santa Fe, NM

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KAHUBA is "Empowering Lives to Thrive!". KAHUBA programs optimize mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health for humans, animals, and nature; inspiring wellness, wholeness and heart-connection for all beings while honoring sustainable practices for the earth we share.

Background Statement


Holistic Sanctuaries & Wellness Programs for Humans | Animals | Nature | All Sentient Beings Celebrating 15 Heart-Centered Years Inspiring Wholeness & Oneness

2023 Douglas County ARPA Grant Committee Commented: "KAHUBA offers one of the STRONGEST and MOST INNOVATIVE evidence-based SOLUTIONS to support Mental, Emotional & Physical Resilience and Suicide Prevention," benefitting youth, teens, adults and seniors!

KAHUBA is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit umbrella organization run by Women, powered by VOLUNTEERS, with donations funding LIFE-CHANGING PROGRAMS!

The cumulative effect empowers humans and animals alike to begin to re-engage in life by unlocking potential, igniting our personal power, and energizing our innate healing ability to THRIVE at any age!

~ Life Enrichment for Humans

~ Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation

~ Nature Stewardship

~ Whole-Person Self Care


For the HUMANS that feel drawn to our KAHUBA Wellness Center and experiential learning spaces, we introduce whole-being wellness and vitality by exploring natural health practices, mindfulness and healing arts, along with heart-connecting time with animals while cocooned by nature. We play with expanded consciousness in every aspect of our lives, beginning with shifting one's thoughts, words & any limiting beliefs, creating healthier habits and responses which can quickly translate into manifesting a life of joy with limitless potential!

For the ANIMALS both great and small that come to KAHUBA Holistic Animal Sanctuaries seeking refuge, rehabilitation and eventual hospice, we treasure their presence as sage teachers who help forward human consciousness by deeply connect with our hearts. Lovingly we provide each animal a forever home with heartfelt connection, balanced nutrition, preventative health care, and a purpose-filled existence in a sustainable lush natural setting until they cross the rainbow bridge.

And for our NATURE kingdom, with deep reverence KAHUBA Nature Sanctuaries commit to responsible earth management practices that preserve precious natural habitats and complex eco-communities, while fostering a balanced co-existence between all sentient beings so life may flourish for generations to come. As we humans quietly interact with the natural world with deeper awareness and reverence, we develop skills and patience for more compassionately connecting with all beings throughout our planet.


KAHUBA’s innovative, exciting, experiential programs improve mental health & whole person wellness!

KAHUBA is a different kind of wellness education center serving youth through seniors, offering comprehensive, integrated tools empowering self-healing and self-care. Each of our experiential programs combine evidence-based clinical and experiential modalities, plus academic support, to create long-term, sustainable healing.

KAHUBA takes a scientific and compassionate approach to providing the tools individuals need to gain resilience, practice emotional self-regulation, and manage the stressors and adverse situations that come with life using healthy coping skills that set them up for a bright future.

KAHUBA seeks to balance and heal the whole person, nurturing and integrating one's mind, body, emotions and spirit. Weaving in heart connected interactions with animals and nature, along with restorative, stimulating healing arts, we strive to gently reboot and re-engage all aspects of our being.

Catering to the right-brain, left-brain, and differing emotional learning styles (visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic), each participant is offered the opportunity to experience a technique that uniquely resonates with them. Our programs give a taste of what speaks to each, so one may further their healing work with any process or organization(s) they feel aligned with for the greatest long term impact and efficacy.

~> BEMER Biomedical Therapy

~> Music & Sound Therapy

~> Equine Assisted Healing

~> Award Winning Expressive Writing

~> Mindfulness, Meditation, Movement & Breathing

~> Nature Therapy

~> Art Therapy

~> Trauma Informed Yoga

~> Personal Growth & Spiritual Connection


Since before KAHUBA 501(c)3 founder Andrea Carroll Pomarico could walk she was part of a family that was a forerunner in the field of mental health and holistic wellness. Andrea’s older sister was diagnosed with learning disabilities that later spiraled into paranoid schizophrenia as a teen. Andrea’s parents, Scott & Karen Clugston, had nowhere to turn to find support for their daughter. They lobbied Congress for legislation to create proper care, support, and education for families and individuals suffering from mental health and wellness issues.

Andrea’s family of educators, lawyers, physicians, scientists, and inventors banded together with others to form a branch of NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness), called GAMI (Greeley Alliance for the Mentally Ill). Andrea's entire family worked closely with Dr. Robert Friedman of CU Health Science Center and for 20 years as they conducting brain mapping and DNA studies on 5 families in the US. During this tumultuous time growing, Andrea discovered her own way back to wholeness and healing through equine assisted therapy, being in nature, and somatic healing arts.

Carrying this knowledge with her and furthering her sister's mission, inspired by her sister’s difficult path, and her own journey towards wholeness, Andrea began traveling the world to further understand other means for addressing wellness from a core level of health for humans and animals alike. Andrea’s travels lead her to study with master healers across 40 countries to truly investigate the frequency of healing from the core level of whole-being wellness.

Throughout her professional corporate career in executive management, she worked along some of the brightest minds and global leaders in aerospace engineering, technology, energy, and civic leadership for mega enterprises such as Hughes, AST/Samsung, Daniels, BMG, Spaulding Companies and more, allowing her to be mentored by Board chairs across nearly every sector – education, health & wellness, conservation, history and science, zoos and rescue, art and spirituality – preparing her launch her own nonprofit -- KAHUBA -- when the time was right.

Upon Andrea retiring from the corporate sector after 22 years, that same year she and her beloved former husband, Larry Pomarico, co-founded their first holistic animal rescue & rehabilitation sanctuary operations in Parker, CO in 2007.

In the first year Larry and Andrea outgrew their small ranch facility, taking in llamas, dogs, feral cats, and more. They moved their operations to 35-acres of agricultural land in rural Castle Rock, CO, currently still in operation as Four Winds Wholeness Sanctuary, CO. Upon this expansion, they dove into soil regeneration to take the nutrient depleted, overgrazed hard ground, overrun by cactus to fertile hay crop farming, offering rotational grazing for the dozen-plus species of domesticated and wild to reestablish a true natural ecosystem. Later Andrea acquired a second sanctuary on 12 acres known as Indian Creek Wilderness Refuge nearby in Sedalia for high country grazing and additional retreat space.

In 2017, Andrea attended a Global Peace Dance Conference in Mexico alongside a brain specialist. She shared a device new to the US marketplace called a BEMER (which stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) with Andrea and other attendees, some of whom had been attending this conference for 20 years. They noticed their stomachs did not have the standard south-of-the-border related issues and there was more ease in their bodies and injuries, and astounding resolutions to many long time issues that had everyone take notice. Andrea immediately purchased both a Human and Horse BEMER and began a year-long beta test in her human and animal wellness centers in order to determine the efficacy of this consumer medical device. The animals Larry and Andrea took into their rescue and rehabilitation sanctuaries were often on their deathbed. After Andrea witnessed profound positive shifts for herself, KAHUBA sanctuary animals, and clients, KAHUBA became an official distributor, and donor of the BEMER devices to high-risk populations, and became national educator alongside a group of medical professionals.

Declared as a forever sanctuary to animals in need and wildlife refuge, and observing how the rescued animals then became therapeutic support for volunteers on the ranch, a larger concept became apparent that included not just animals and nature, but full person mental health and wellness offered from a holistic and comprehensive perspective. This seamlessly cultivated complimentary outreach programs launched over the following 12 years with Andrea and her global holistic wellness education at the helm. In 2018 KAHUBA was established as a formal 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Following Larry’s surprising passing in 2021, KAHUBA proudly carries on both his and Andrea’s heart-felt mission to assist animals and humans in overcoming complex issues to live their best life, and to rescue and provide exceptional lifelong care to compromised horses, llamas, dogs and other animals in need around the world.


-KAHUBA offers exciting and innovative, co-created programs with a multidisciplinary approach to improve mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being for youth thru seniors, collaborating with 5 nonprofits and more than a dozen wellness partners

-Our ever growing team of 39 KAHUBA Global Ambassadors span 5 continents, providing holistic education, training and wellness sessions to 40,000+ people annually

-Keynote speaker and demonstrator of life-changing and life-saving techniques to audiences annually of 65,000+ in Colorado, and 1,500,000+ globally, via interactive trade shows, web platforms, and live private events

-Provide high schoolers community service credit hours, who simultaneously experience the natural healing benefits of the powerful animal/human/nature symbiotic connection

-KAHUBA co-presents nationally with a panel of medical doctors and holistic practitioners sharing wellness education via weekly zoom meetings, and at live events in Colorado.

-We also raise funds to donate BEMER medical devices & training to other nonprofit organizations to aid groups in need

-KAHUBA has rescued, rehabilitated and provided a forever home with superior life long care to 50+ compromised horses, llamas, dogs & feral cat colonies

-Our global wellness team facilitates 20,000+ equine wellness sessions annually and fields daily inquiries to address chronic, acute and geriatric issues, along with physical and emotional injuries, and shares life-saving colic and laminitis protocols for horses in particular

-Recognized as a superior sanctuary by veterinarians & animal advocates, KAHUBA is a trusted resource for connecting hundreds of neglected, injured, abandoned or senior animals with appropriate placement facilities when we are at full capacity, plus assist relocating injured wildlife

-Organic no-till farming, preserving vital microbiomes and nutrient-rich soil that feed our hay crops & fruit trees

-Rotational pastures for livestock ensure lush land, with no overgrazing

-Paddock Paradise track systems allow horses room to romp & roam while pastures mature, minimizing deadly colic, founder & laminitis

-Upcycling animal waste provides natural reseeding, and composting creates chemical-free crop fertilizer

Strategic, routine thinning of our pine trees for fire mitigation fosters a thriving, safe forest

-Recycled dead trees, limbs & leaves provide organic matter and mulch beds for our Hugel method gardens


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