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Colorado Children's Chorale

We believe music has the power to build community, break down barriers and transform lives. And it's your partnership in our mission that brings the power of music to life in the Colorado Children's Chorale.

Through outstanding music education and disciplined performance training, we transform the lives of children through song - developing character and confidence in the next generation of our community. We entertain, inspire, bring joy, and create connection in the way only music can.

Since 1974, the Chorale has performed before thousands of patrons each year. This fall, however, seats are empty. Stages are dark. And lobbies are closed. Yet the arts remain vital to our community - to those who create and those who revel in the final masterpiece. We are proud to pivot to an active, virtual rehearsal system for the young performers we impact and support. But it's you, our community and audience, that we must rely on to continue this inspirational work.

This year, more than ever, we need your help. With the inability for live performance, we have lost a vital revenue stream. In a normal season, nearly half of our income comes from ticket sales, performance fees, and generous donors like you. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 and the necessary social distancing guidelines, we cannot participate in a single in-person performance this winter - typically we have over a dozen.

Will you help us reach our need of $400,000 so that we may navigate this crisis? To ensure that we may continue to facilitate excellent music education and performance training for children across Colorado? So that we can reimagine the concert hall experience and purchase the technology to help us do so?

Thank you for aiding the arts. Thank you for empowering the voices of our youth to be lifted together in song. Thank you for supporting the Colorado Children's Chorale.

Together, we soar!

Help Us #SingOn!
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