Resilience1220 Inc.

Resilience1220 asks you to support the confidential professional counseling we provide free-of-charge for teenage clients. Our service area includes Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey, Clear Creek, Gilpin and Park counties. To learn more, visit

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General Information

Official Name
Resilience1220/LeanIn1220 Inc.​​​​​​​
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(2020)Resilience1220/LeanIn1220 Inc.
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32003 Ellingwood Trail
Evergreen , CO 80439
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PO Box 2041
Evergreen, CO 80437
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Mission Statement

Resilience1220 provides free counseling services to youth ages 12-20 in the mountain communities west of Denver. Through individual counseling, support groups and community outreach, we work to raise awareness of the social, emotional, and mental-health issues young adults face, and to provide the necessary life skills to create wellness and resiliency in their lives.

Organization History

Recent teen suicides in our mountain communities made us painfully aware of the mental health issues that young people face and brought about the creation of Resilience1220 in 2019.

The Resilience1220 approach is based on prevention and education. The primary goal is to teach resiliency and life skills to youth ages 12-20 years old so they can navigate adverse situations successfully. The secondary goals are to eliminate barriers to using mental health services and to provide community education around a range of mental health issues. We meet these goals by providing free individual counseling, offering support groups, and holding community events to promote awareness of mental health issues.

We are uniquely positioned to play a critical part in alleviating these mental health issues as we have become a recognized resource in the mountain area. Between May 2019 and March 2020, Resilience1220 served over 184 youth in individual counseling and more than 245 youth in support groups. In addition, we have reached over 1,200 community members through our outreach and special programs. Our therapists have quickly risen to the challenges presented by social distancing requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic and are providing individual teletherapy appointments and group counseling via secure online platforms.


"My thirteen-year-old was thinking about suicide. Resilience 1220 was there for me when I was scared, didn't know what to do, and felt the risk of getting this wrong was abundantly high. I honestly didn't know how to help my child in their time of need, but they consistently showed up for him and helped us get him the right tools, support, and hope. It's a process with ups and downs, but it brings us both comfort knowing that Resilience 1220 is so close, and I 100% trust that they know how to help when I was lost."

"Resilience 1220 has been so valuable to our family. I am a mom to three precious teenagers, and getting my kids help with navigating all the changes and challenges that are part of coming of age in this place and time was difficult. As we started our journey in finding help, the mental health statistics for this age group floored me - I am eternally grateful that Resilience 1220 is committed to meeting the HUGE need of helping these young adults find hope and learn how to cope with whatever is going on inside their ever-changing selves and what life throws their way."

"The resiliency group literally saved my life. I really understood now that no matter what your body size, we all have similar difficulties." -High School Senior

"Resilience 1220 removes barriers like cost of services, health insurance, transportation logistics and finding quality therapists so that ALL young adults in our rural mountain community can get help if it's needed. With Resilience 1220, my teenagers feel comfortable advocating for their mental health needs by knowing they can set their appointments, without Mom's help. It gives them such empowerment knowing that Resilience 1220 is available and willing to meet them wherever they're at and whenever they need help. I feel confident that these professionals who volunteer their mental health services have been vetted and are in it to assist the youth in our mountain communities for the right reasons. I am so grateful to them and can't stop singing their praises to others in this community."

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