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Please consider donating to help start up this new and innovative program in April 2019 to inspire the next generation of volunteers! For example, the supplies for one service and learning project per child costs on average $5.

The Raising Kindness Program will connect school-aged children to community issues in the Denver Metro area through monthly hands-on service and learning projects. Through the power of volunteerism, Raising Kindness will teach the values of service, empathy, leadership and community. Service projects provide interactive learning activities to engage and inspire children to view themselves as participants in the community and promote leadership skills. Families who participate may experience benefits of positive mental health due to volunteering as well as an increased desire toward charitable giving in their community.

Service projects will be convenient, inclusive, fun and engaging for all school-aged children and families to volunteer. Projects will address issues and serve populations in our community including animal welfare, children, community building, disabilities, disaster relief, education, health, homelessness, hunger, environment, seniors, veterans, women, and more!

Please help us start up the Raising Kindness Program!
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