PARTNERS IN HOPE Monthly Giving Program

Jefferson Center for Mental Health

PARTNERS IN HOPE is Jefferson Center's new monthly giving program, and we're inviting you join us! A monthly giving plan is easy on your budget, and over time, those monthly gifts add up to big donations, making a huge difference in the lives of people struggling with mental health or substance use challenges.

When you sign up, you'll become a member of our community of monthly donors and you'll receive a special thank you gift!

Quick Facts:

• You can designate your donation to go to the program of your choice, to the endowment fund, or make a general donation that will be used where the need is greatest.

• You can schedule your donation to begin any day you choose, and to recur monthly (or any other cycle you prefer). You can choose to have your monthly donations end after a specific date, specify a total number of payments or dollar amount you wish to make, or choose to make ongoing monthly donations with no end date.

• You can update your contact information, payment method and recurrence, or increase, decrease or cancel your donation any time by updating your account on

• Initially, you will receive an electronic "receipt" from Colorado Gives. Next, we will send you a letter acknowledging your participation in the Partners in Hope Monthly Giving Program that will include your special gift of appreciation. You will also receive a letter in January 2021 that will include your total giving for the calendar year 2020.

Sign up now and provide ongoing support to those who struggle with mental health challenges.
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Created April 23, 2020
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