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Cat Care Society is a safe and enriching place for all cats on their journey to a loving home.

Cat Care Society is a private, non-profit cat shelter founded in 1981 that was established in order to improve the quality of life for cats in need in the Denver metro area. Our unique and free-roaming approach views all cats as worthy, regardless of their age or abilities.

We are non-discriminatory in our love for cats and take in cats that may not have a chance anywhere else. This includes cats that have tested positive for FIV or FeLV, or have been diagnosed with chronic health conditions such as diabetes or kidney disease. We also pride ourselves in finding these cats loving homes and educating cat owners on the care requirements for cats with special needs.

As a limited-admission shelter, we only accept new cats as quickly as our current cats can find homes, and only if we have the space and resources to properly care for them. We provide a temporary refuge for cats in need until an appropriate and permanent home can be found for each. Veterinary care, premium diet, and human interaction are lovingly provided by dedicated staff and volunteers. 

Approximately 800 cats come into our care each year! As we receive no government funding, Cat Care Society is supported by a number of loyal volunteers, donors, and partners, without whom we could not operate. Our staff and board of directors work together to ensure that every cat receives an enriching environment and the opportunity to find a home where they can flourish.


"Since 1981, Cat Care Society still maintains the highest quality care for their feline residents."

"This shelter is amazing! They have a strong focus on special needs cats with medical needs and behavior issues and help each cat become adoptable. The love the staff and volunteers have for each cat is such a beautiful sight to see. They helped a 19 year old cat with kidney disease find a forever home and they helped a very unhappy kitty that was left in an abandoned apartment find peace and become a affectionate cat!"

"It was so refreshing to see that CCS now has an FIV+ room! I am in love with these cats and I am so happy to see them get a second chance at a loving home at my favorite little shelter."

"Each of the cat rooms is clean and looks stress-free. The rooms are cat-a-fied and have lots of vertical cat trees and shelves for the cats to perch on. I especially love the rooms with the outdoor catios, such a nice touch for the cats."

“Volunteering for CCS is a great experience. It has allowed me to contribute to the community and feel like I’m making a difference, no matter how small it seems. I always walk away knowing I spent a few hours doing something that was needed that will help the staff working there focus on other important things. And I get to see and pet cats! I encourage people to apply – there are so many different opportunities to help, and anybody can do it.” 


Cat Care Society's mission is to be a safe and enriching place for all cats on their journey to a loving home. We do this by providing compassionate care, shelter, adoption services and community engagement.

Background Statement

Thousands of cats and their owners have been served through Cat Care Society since 1981. Established by Linda East, DVM, and Lynn Rowe, the Society strives to be:

● Welcoming of all cats. None are too old or ill to be valued, loved and treated with dignity. We are compassionate of the cats in our care and the people whose lives we touch.

● Committed to excellence in operations, ensuring the highest quality of care for cats and delivering trusted services for people who love cats.

● Unique in our approach, offering free-roaming and enriching spaces for cats, embracing cats that need specialized support, and providing superior medical care.

● Connected to our community as a regional leader, inspirational model, and educational resource in cat welfare.

● Inclusive of the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of the people we welcome through our doors and engage with in our community.

The shelter provides a temporary refuge for over 85 cats until an appropriate and permanent home can be found for each. Veterinary care, premium diet and human interaction are lovingly provided.

CCS has more than 120 active volunteers who donate about 14,000 hours each year in the following categories: shelter support, fundraising, events, Nibbles & Kibbles food bank, in-home foster care, and administrative assistance.

CCS is licensed as a shelter with the State of Colorado. We are members of the Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies (CFAWA), Metro Denver Animal Welfare Alliance (MDAWA) and the West Metro Chamber of Commerce. In addition to donations from the community and adoption fees, ongoing support is received through the following workplace giving programs: Community Shares of Colorado, Combined Federal Campaign, Denver Employees Combined Campaign and the Colorado Combined Campaign.

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