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The next 30 years are critical for life on Earth. Either we find a way to coexist with the 8 million other species who inhabit Earth, or we will lose more than half to the changing climate and habitat loss. By giving to WILD you can help safeguard wilderness and stop the extinction.


Building strong communities that respect and protect nature for the benefit of all life.

Background Statement

WILD is the organization working in countries around the world to mobilize action to protect Half of Earth’s lands and seas - the amount scientists say we need to have a future. We began in South Africa almost 50 years ago as a friendship between a South African game ranger and his Zulu mentor. Despite the discrimination they faced during the apartheid regime, they worked together to do something that had never been done before: save a species - the Southern White Rhino - from the brink of extinction.

Their experience taught them that without widespread, global support, we could never reverse the accelerating destruction of wild nature. Thus, WILD was born. Today we work in West Africa and Brazil with on-the-ground conservation projects, but our primary mission is to create and mobilize the action needed to save life on Earth.


• We work with over 50 local communities in West Africa to ensure that they have the resources they need to manage their lands for the benefit of people and North Africa’s last remaining herd of desert elephants.

• Indigenous Peoples are some of the best stewards of Earth’s lands and seas. This is why we have partnered with the Yawanawá People to defend 200,000 hectares of rainforest (which sequesters carbon equivalent to the annual emissions of 10 million cars) and restore additional lands belonging to the Yawanawá in the Western Amazon.

• We are mobilizing action to protect Half of Earth’s lands and seas. Last year, we established the first formal global policy recognition of the scientific consensus that keeping at least Half of Earth’s ecology intact is necessary to halt climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

• We are mobilizing decision-makers to utilize rewilding as a strategy for climate mitigations, especially the restoration of threatened species that help increase carbon uptake by 2-12x!

• CoalitionWILD, WILD’s young professional program, is empowering young people around the world in the areas they are needed most to take action for nature.

• The establishment of the World Wilderness Congress in 1977, the longest-running public international conservation project and environmental forum.

WILD's success is due in large part to its commitment to the power of synergy. Recognizing that most ecological problems are too big to be solved by just one actor, WILD leverages partnerships with stakeholder groups that include: government at all levels, public and private entities, local and international communities, commercial and nonprofit organizations, and scientific and artistic associations. By mobilizing every sector of society, WILD works outside its own organizational boundaries and pierces the social and political silos that inhibit collaborative problem solving and collective action.

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