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SummitStone Health Partners is a private not-for-profit organization with the mission of serving our communities by fostering trust, empowering recovery and inspiring hope. We offer locations across Larimer County.

This year, funds raised during Colorado Gives Day will support the amazing work of our Spirit Crossing Clubhouse (unless otherwise indicated).

Spirit Crossing Clubhouse is an empowering community intended to support each other in personal growth and recovery. Since 1998, Spirit Crossing Clubhouse has helped adults work through their mental health recovery to become productive and significant contributors to Larimer County. 


"Two years ago, I hit bottom. Consumed by depression and hopelessness, I lost my will to live. But I didn't have any energy - not even to take my own life. So I picked a ditch on the north side of town, laid in it, and waited for the end. Before my decision to die, I'd spent a lot of time at a coffee shop downtown. After I'd been gone for a while, the staff at the coffee shop found me and tried to get me to meet with some people from the mental health center. Someone from SummitStone came down to the coffee shop to meet with me. I didn't want to talk about how I was feeling, but he did help me get to a doctor and made sure I didn't starve or freeze to death. About a year ago, I finally started talking about the real problem - that I have always struggled with depression. But after I was laid off from my job as a software engineer, my depression got worse. Within a few months, I lost my home, my wife left me, and I lost my kids. Today, I have permanent housing again and I get therapy and medication at SummitStone. I'm also writing a book about my experiences, and I hope that I can help someone else who is going through what I did. And I'm back in touch with my kids - and that's the best gift of all."
-Client at SummitStone Health Partners

"Right after I was diagnosed, I started getting treatment at SummitStone. When I started, I was destitute and had no way to take care of myself. But SummitStone saved my life. I finally got the medications and therapy that I needed. And I learned to interact and care about others. This helped me learn that I could also take care of myself."
-Teen client at SummitStone Health Partners

"Once you get to the point that you want to make a change, you need to have the help and support of people like those at SummitStone to really make it happen. By the time you reach rock bottom, there is a good chance you have already blown all your relationships - friends and families -for any support. The people at SummitStone Health Partners are the only people you have to turn to. You can't be there by yourself. You need help."
-Client at SummitStone Health Partners


We serve our communities by fostering trust, empowering recovery and inspiring hope.

Background Statement

SummitStone Health Partners is a private non-profit whose mission is to serve our communities by fostering trust, empowering recovery and inspiring hope. We serve individuals and families in Larimer County. SummitStone Health Partners serves more than 10,000 clients each year, 34% of which are children, youth and young adults.

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SummitStone Health Partners

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Touchstone Health Partners, Larimer Center for Mental Health

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