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Motus Theater facilitates dialogue on critical issues of our time by creating original theater. 

With a resurgence of racial violence, heightened attacks on transgender people, and divisive immigration rhetoric, all alongside stark racial discrepancies in our legal system, it’s never been more important to share narratives that build community, change hearts and minds, and lead us to a more equitable future for all. 

Motus’ work leverages the power of art to build alliances across diverse segments of our community and country. We specialize in developing artfully crafted personal narratives with leaders on the frontlines of violence in the U.S., putting them center stage as the protagonists in the American drama. Motus’ three touring projects are:

  • TRANSformative Stories: Autobiographical Monologue Project supports transgender and non-binary community leaders who are on the frontlines of dehumanizing,  anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric and policies to tell artfully crafted autobiographical monologues about negotiating oppression and liberation.

  • JustUs: Autobiographical Monologue Project supports community leaders who are impacted by carceral systems to share personal stories that expose the devastating impact of the criminal legal system on them and their families, and inspire action toward a vision of true justice

  • UndocuAmerica: Autobiographical Monologue Project aims to interrupt the dehumanizing portrayals of immigrants by elevating the stories of people who are undocumented

Increased hate crimes and resurging political violence underscore the imperative for forms of art that remind us of our shared humanity.

Support our work changing the Narratives


You improve lives. Your compassion brings joy and community connection through 40 programs reaching almost 10,000 yearly attendees, and engaging 38 monologists and playback actors, 9 musicians, 2 poets, and 3 visual artists who share their stories and talents on stage, galleries, and museums. Your gift helps us change the narrative around Criminal Justice, Immigrant Rights, and LGBTQIA+ rights.

Your dollars are doubled! Now through December 5th, your gift will be MATCHED up to $30,000 by a National Endowment for the Arts grant for the TRANSformative Stories project! Help us start strong by scheduling your CO Gives Day donation today!

Your gift goes to work immediately. Your generosity provides support and leadership development for directly impacted people sharing their stories to change the narrative and change policy due to the impact of their stories.

You empower people of color & people facing dehumanizing rhetoric & policy. You make all the difference by shining a spotlight on people whose stories are often left out of the discussions that impact them most. Centering directly impacted people help community members and elected officials understand what is at stake for our communities. 

You build a brighter future. Your commitment to equity for people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQIA+ people is just the beginning. Together, we're changing the narrative so that the next generation experiences lives full of love, acceptance, and true justice.

Your impact goes further. Helping people who have been hurt by discrimination isn't enough. Your generosity to Motus Theater translates to artfully crafted original theater that supports education and advocacy, flipping the script on harmful narratives, and supporting changes in laws and policies.

Moving Stories that Move Us Forward: Motus Theater’s History

Motus Theater, established in Boulder in 2010 by Kirsten Wilson, creates multimedia and autobiographical monologue performances spotlighting marginalized communities. Its multimedia shows, "Rocks Karma Arrows" and "It's Only a Paper Moon," received National Endowment for the Arts funding. Since 2013, Motus has concentrated on immigration themes, with productions like "Do You Know Who I Am?" showcasing undocumented individuals' experiences, and "SALSA Lotería," reflecting Latina immigrants' stories.

A notable 2017 performance involved Boulder County law enforcement officials reading DACA recipients autobiographical monologues, gaining wide attention. The "UndocuAmerica Performance & Media Project" started in 2018, featuring autobiographical monologues by young DACA leaders, live performances, and two podcasts with contributions from renowned personalities and musicians.

Motus collaborated with Boulder Weekly on performances about sanctuary, including "Women of Resolution" and "Invisible Lines," blending storytelling with various art forms. In 2019, the "JustUs” Project began, focusing on the criminal legal system through the eyes of formerly incarcerated people. In November 2023, Motus premiered the TRANSformative Stories Autobiographical Monologue Project, supporting transgender and non-binary leaders in sharing their experiences with oppression and liberation. 


The mission of Motus Theater is to create original theater to facilitate dialogue on critical issues of our time. We aim to use the power of art to build empathetic alliances across diverse segments of our community and country.

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