Sam DeVore rides to Honor Bob Bennen in the Leadville Trail 100

Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Inc.

I have started on this crazy mid-life crisis of riding in events that are a little off-set from normal, that push my limits, that look to the outside as somewhat **insane**. However, I have a secret, I don't do these things alone, it is not just the friends and family that join me and support me. No it is the people inside me, the people who's memories I hold dear to me, that inspire me. For this year in Leadville those memories are lead by Bob Bennen who passed away suddenly on Jan 14th 2018. One day he was here and the next gone. Bob was as many people will tell you "One of the good ones". [One story]( He was a deeply kind and generous person, with his time, his knowledge and his friendship.

I am riding in his memory this time, I am gathering donations for the <a href="">Leadville 100 Legacy Foundation</a> in his memory as well. Please help me honor his memory, if you can donate that would be fantastic. If you can not donate or don't feel comfortable donating then honor his memory and his actions in your own way. IF you see someone bring something for the first time that you have done, reach out and help them, share what you know, share your time. Don't just be the person says "we should get together and go over this..." Be the person that follows up. IF you see someone on the trail or on the side of road with a flat or mechanical problem, don't just yell (as I tend to do) "you all good?" And roll on by... stop, help, wait to make sure they are good to go. We all have things to share, actions to make some ones day safer, better, more fun.

If you can please donate to the Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Foundation, they will do amazing things with your donation. Every May, the Legacy awards a $1,000 scholarship to all graduating Lake County High School seniors who are going forward with some form of higher education. They support the community, from helping with community parks, youth basketball programs and other efforts. They provide Christmas gifts for the children of Leadville that would otherwise receive nothing for the holidays. They are doing things that are important, impactful and touch peoples lives in a way that honors those same values that I saw in Bob.

Changing the future of the people of Leadville in memory of Bob Bennen
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