Java for the Journey - CVV's 25th Year

Colorado Vincentian Volunteers

Companion with Colorado Vincentian Volunteers in a new way as we journey into our 25th year -- Java for the Journey!

Alum of CVV: We hope you will join us by financially supporting the program that has been a transformative gift in our lives as Bill and Mary Frances begin their final year as Co-Directors and a new chapter unfolds for their personal and the CVV community's journey. Our goal is to gather 125 givers by September 30th - will you join us?!

When you set up a monthly recurring gift of $25 or more, receive a gift of coffee or tea, Java for the Journey. Here's how:

- Set up a monthly recurring donation of $25 or more.
- In the memo, note your preference of a) coffee or tea and b) pick up or mailed to you (if mail, please include your address).
- Your gift will await you at Reunion Weekend or in your mailbox. :)

Already give monthly? Increase your donation by $25 and coffee/tea will be yours!

Coffee is from the Honduras, fair trade, organic, in support of local growers, connected through a partnership from a Colorado Vincentian Volunteers alumni. Tea is sourced from a Denver company.

We hope you'll companion us on this journey!

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Java for the Journey - CVV's 25th Year
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