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We invite you to join us as companions on the journey, supporting a process of transformation through companionship with those who are poor and marginalized!


“Reflection and discussion is not isolated to Fridays, but is in our dinners, on walks, and in conversations. It is full of unexpected emotional, mental, and spiritual depth. Often when we’re discussing devastating social issues I am awed and uplifted by the speakers and coworkers who have committed their lives to shaping their vision of the world, where people are truly loved”.  - Sophia, CVV27 (2021-2022)

"I came into my volunteer year with 18 years of Catholic education yet I have never been more challenging of my faith and at the same time felt more grounded in my faith than I have this year. While on retreats, I have learned that it is through questioning and doubtful times that faith gains its depths. God has his own time and his own plan but by living in that uncertainty and walking with blind faith, the love of God is revealed." - Claudia, CVV27 (2021-2022)

"I am realizing more and more how impactful my year of CVV was. Thank you, thank you a million times over. CVV changed my life in countless ways….CVV taught me how to think critically about what's happening in our world…I really miss the focus on simplicity and serving, on intentionally seeking Christ in others…I learned how to live in intentional community. I miss it terribly. It was not always easy, but it was always rewarding…CVV instilled in me a desire to be with those who are oppressed, abandoned, suffering, and I hope I can do something good as a social worker!... I want to continue meeting people where they're at and showing compassion. Maybe I can't always solve their problems but walking the journey with them might lessen a burden. Our trip to the border and CAD days, our R&D activities, along with my service at Urban Peak convinced me of this." Jenne, CVV20 (2014-2015)

"This community of people is food for me on my life journey. I learned a new way to walk, talk and show my love. The skills I learned and continue to learn from this group center on discovering who I am and how I want to live my life." Mike, CVV17 (2011-2012)

"CVV changed my life in ways I can't describe. Every year removed, I still see glimpses of what I experienced and learned (from you). I would never have pursued my MSW if it wasn't for CVV." Joelle, CVV16 (2010-2011) 

"As a volunteer at Anchor, I was able to gain valuable career experience, make lifelong friendships, and spend time with some amazing children. Anchor serves visually impaired infants, toddlers, and their families. Teachers and therapists work with students on their visual development, auditory development, orientation and mobility: including cane travel and social skills and much more. I was inspired by the students at Anchor every single day to try new things. While I was at Anchor, I got to watch students take their first steps in many ways. I served as a teachers assistant and administrative assistant. I offered support in the classroom, maintained daily charts, assisted in fundraising events and worked on continuous improvement projects over the course of my time at Anchor. The students and staff taught me more than I could have imagined and. Anchor opened my eyes to a world of light, love, and joy. I am extremely grateful to CVV for facilitating this experience for me and the other volunteers. This experience has changed me forever." Molly, CVV25 (2010-2020)


In the spirit of St. Vincent DePaul, the mission of the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers (CVV) is to invite young adults into a process of transformation through companionship with those who are poor and marginalized. This mission is accomplished by four components:

1. Direct service and advocacy with those who are poor

2. Intentional community life

3. Discussion and Reflection on issues of social justice, the preferential option for the poor and theological reflection on the volunteer's work experience.

4. Spirituality and Prayer

Background Statement

Over the past 29 years, Colorado Vincentian Volunteers (CVV) has supported over 390 young adults in our mission of inviting young adults into a process of transformation through companionship with people who are living in poverty and are marginalized. Throughout our history, the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers have provided over 649,000 hours of direct service at 70 Denver area nonprofits. Since its founding in 1994, Colorado Vincentian Volunteers has placed young adults with non-profits providing direct service for human welfare to witness and respond to the needs of people living on the margins in the Denver community.

Since its inception, Colorado Vincentian Volunteers has witnessed and responded to the needs of people living on the margins in the Denver community. After conversations in 1994 with young adults about their desire to serve while integrating their experience with their personal development, Mary Frances and Bill Jaster responded by creating CVV. For its first 15 years, CVV welcomed 8-12 young adults to accompany marginalized people and engage in faith formation programming. After the increased community needs as a result of the economic recession, CVV expanded its program in 2010 to host 18-20 volunteers in two houses. After a successful capital campaign, CVV purchased a second community house from the Catholic Archdiocese of Denver in 2014.

In June 2020, Co-Directors Bill and Mary Frances retired after twenty-five years of leadership with the organization. A Transition Committee of the Board oversaw a search, hiring, and comprehensive transition process for a new Director. Haley Todd, was hired as Director in May 2020.

Throughout spring and early summer 2020, several alumni raised to the Board and Staff experiences of hurts and neglects related to racial justice within the CVV community. The Board and Staff along with the Founding Co-Directors and new Director collectively discerned to pause programming for the year and instead dedicate the organization to fully reviewing and renewing ourselves and the organization in light of racial justice. This year of reassessment cultivated powerful growth and transformation, true to our call from St. Vincent de Paul for “continuous conversion.”

In August 2021, twelve volunteers began their program year with a greater lens for equity and inclusivity in all pillars of the programming. Despite the national landscape of year of service programs closing and declining up to 70%, CVV welcomed seven volunteers in August 2022 to begin their year of transformation. At the same time, CVV developed an additional partnership with the Denver Catholic Worker to pilot use of its second home to serve those most marginalized in a new way, creating new ways to respond to St. Vincent de Paul’s call to serve, as “love is inventive unto infinity.”

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