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Growe Foundation

You can make a difference in what happens at school by supporting garden-based learning. As we head into 2021, 20 schools in Boulder County will participate in our school garden program. We provide them with abundant gardens, educational resources and outdoor learning spaces for kids.

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General Information

Official Name
Growe Foundation​​​​​​​
DBA/Trade Name(s)
Garden To Table
Former Name(s)
(2008)Our Love of Children
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936 West Alder Street
Louisville, CO 80027
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936 West Alder Street
Louisville, CO 80027
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936 West Alder Street
Louisville, CO 80027
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Mission Statement

The mission of Garden To Table (Growe Foundation) is to use experiential learning to educate children about the benefits of healthy eating and environmental stewardship

Organization History

Garden To Table (Growe Foundation) is a nonprofit based in Boulder County, Colorado. Founded in 2000, we have been at the forefront of a national movement to teach children about healthy eating and caring for the environment. Garden To Table (GTT) has been committed to using experiential gardens as a teaching tool to educate children about the benefits of healthy eating and environmental stewardship. Our vision is to unite people around a shared goal of creating healthier children, schools, communities and the planet.

Education comes in many different forms throughout a child's life and GTT believes that experiential learning is crucial to shaping children's understanding, values and behavior. By providing children with engaging educational experiences that connect them to food, how it's grown and why fruits and vegetables are essential to their diet, we aim to address the childhood health issues and the environmental problems facing society.
♣ Education- We provide schools with experiential learning programs that enrich education, meet State Standards, and teach students about food and the environment.
♣ Eating- We support children to understand the importance of fruits and vegetables and the connection between what they eat and the health of their body.
♣ Environment- We support children to understand how the health of their bodies is linked to the health of the planet.

Current Programs:
Environmental care and an understanding about where our food comes from is most effective if taught at an early age. We at Garden To Table (GTT) believe that teaching children through hands-on garden programs gives them ownership of their food choices. Our children are hosting school Farmers Markets and the lettuce they plant is served in the school lunch lines.

We offer easy-to-implement, garden-based, grade specific lessons to provide hands on learning for elementary school students across the Front Range. Our online lesson plans are presented to our schools in a way that is easy for them to be integrated into their math, science, environmental studies, art, and nutrition classes. Our programs are currently at 20 area schools, 18 of which include garden maintenance as well as plants, irrigation systems, programs and support throughout the season. Over 9,100 students access our garden-based lessons, including 2,500 who qualify for Free and Reduced lunch meals. In the course of a year, over 13,000 hours of garden based lessons are delivered through the Garden to Table programs. A sampling of survey results shows that:
• 91% of 1st graders said planting in the garden helped them to understand math and measuring better.
• 86% of 42nd graders said harvesting the lettuce made them want to try salads more.
National studies show that students at schools with hands on garden programs test 15% higher in math and science compared to students at schools without garden programs.

We are in the process of updating our lesson materials to comply with the new 2020 Colorado Academic Standards. This update includes adding new lessons and providing bilingual resources for our Spanish-speaking families and schools.

We plan to provide the GTT program to three additional schools by 2020, reaching an additional 2,000 students. A complete garden and garden to table program currently costs Growe $7,500 each year. The schools can only pay approximately 10% of this cost; Growe needs to fundraise the balance, or $135,000 annually.

Our program is successful in our schools due to, in great part, the partnerships we have in the community with teams of corporate, foundation and individual volunteers to support garden care at our schools. Creating a more independent school model will enable us to expand our reach to more schools and extend our expertise with the staff and families of the children we currently serve.

In addition to the children and families at our schools, GTT donates excess organic vegetables grown at the schools to local food banks. This year, we expect to provide 2,000 pounds of fresh produce to Boulder Food Rescue and Harvest of Hope.


• "It was fun!" "It helped me get a better understanding of what is happening to our Earth right now." "It helped me realize that I can be a part of what is changing the world." "I liked using the measuring tools." (5th grade students)
• "Nothing beats the hands-on aspect of the lesson. The kids were excited and then could definitely relate their experience to the inquiry questions. I only wish they could have longer time.." ( 2nd grade teacher)
• "The garden is a wonderful way to make so many curricular connections for kids. We use it to teach ecology, math, health and economics."(3rd grade teacher)
• "Thank you for helping us understand about water and how it effects the life cycle of the plants. I'm going to be more careful about the water I use at home. I think I will teach my family about water conservation."(4th grade student)
• "I can't wait to eat the salad! I'm going to try to get my family to plant our own garden. I should become a vegetarian." (5th grade student)

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