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Be a Force of Nature!

350 Colorado

The Earth is screaming for our help with record fires, storms and drought. It has sometimes felt a bit apocalyptic this summer in Colorado with the incredible heat, lack of any moisture, 2 record-breaking fires, smoke and raining ash. 350 Colorado is a priority for me because just about everything I value is at risk from the climate catastrophe- and donating to 350 Colorado is a tremendous value.

350 Colorado leverages our growing staff time with thousands of hours of volunteer efforts, with impacts both broadly and deeply. Just this year, we have successfully led efforts to close a massive coal plant in Colorado Springs; shortened the closing time frame for others; and pass a 2000 foot setback between homes and oil and gas development sites.

We invite you to leverage your contribution to minimize the intensity of climate catastrophe by donating to our matching fund which will be used to incentivize other donors. Going against the most powerful forces in our society (right now, these include oil and gas, finance, insurance, government, electric utilities & Nestles) takes an unsurprising amount of time, skill, energy and $$$. This year, I am giving $2500.
With your contributions, together, we will be a FORCE OF NATURE!

Check us out and get involved at

Be a Force of Nature!
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