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Colorado is in a decisive moment in history between continuing the current path toward climate chaos or choosing a safe, healthy, clean energy future we can build together.

A fast and fair transition to a renewable energy future and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is essential to protect our climate and our communities. For the past decade, 350 Colorado has been a relentless voice calling for a shift away from fossil fuels as we work to build a powerful climate movement, keep fossil fuels in the ground, defund climate disaster, and promote climate solutions. The urgency couldn't be clearer. From the IPCC report to scientists worldwide, the message is resounding: we need to act fast to avoid extreme temperatures. Yet, Colorado currently has no plan to phase out new oil and gas (fracking) production, which is the #1 source of both climate pollution and ozone causing our 'severe' air quality issues. To meet our climate goals, Colorado needs a plan to phase out fossil fuels. 

You're a crucial part of that action.

Now is a critical moment for grassroots organizations like ours to lead a just transition and make sure our communities, those most impacted, and workers aren't left behind by big polluters. Donate now to ensure we can secure a clean energy future.

Over the last 10 years, because of supporters like YOU, 350CO has established itself as the largest Colorado-based grassroots organization focused on solving the climate crisis.

Since its formation, the organization has grown to be a movement of over 20,000 activists across the state, with more than 50 local team leaders, 13 paid organizers, and hundreds of committee and team volunteers.

We focus on 4 major campaigns including:

- Movement Building

- Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground

- Defunding Climate Disasters

- Promoting Local Solutions.


350 Colorado is working locally to help build the global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis and transition to a sustainable future.

Background Statement

350 Colorado (350CO) was created during a national campaign by 350.org in 2009 to develop a massive network of local grassroots groups organizing to solve the climate crisis. The mountain-west campaign, led by organizer Micah Parkin, flourished and 350CO grew to become one of the largest local groups in the U.S.

In tandem, the climate crisis brought tragedy to thousands of Colorado homes. Years of record-breaking wildfires, floods, and temperatures, combined with Colorado's hydraulic fracturing (fracking boom), made it clear that a strategic investment in 350CO was necessary to advance local and national climate goals.

In 2013, Executive Director Micah Parkin and a board of volunteer leaders from around the state filed for 501c3 status. Since then we have established ourselves as the largest Colorado-based grassroots network focused on taking action to stop climate change.


*A fossil-free future*

In order to avoid the most devastating impacts of the climate crisis, no new fossil fuels can be brought online. To be a true leader in climate action, Colorado must stop fossil fuel extraction, production, and investments.

*A just & equitable transition*

We are demanding solutions that protect our most vulnerable communities and workers. Together we are working to dismantle oppressive systems that enable poverty, racism, and inequity.

*Creative climate solutions*

From renewable energy to regenerative agriculture, we are working at the local and state level to ensure Colorado has clear and immediate pathways to reduce emissions and secure 100% clean, renewable energy for all.

*A liveable climate for all*

All Coloradans deserve a safe and liveable environment to grow up in. Help us protect the places and people we love so Colorado's beauty can be enjoyed by future and present generations.

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