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Food4Success Campaign

The Success Foundation Serving Greeley-Evans Schools

Meal debt is a huge issue across our nation. It's become quite controversial, as some districts choose options such as serving students different meals than their more fortunate classmates, leading to bullying, forbidding them to go to school activities such as homecoming or prom, and threatening to turn children into Child Protective Services.

Greeley-Evans School District 6 serves every student the same meal everyday no matter the debt in their account. Over 63% of our students qualify for free-and-reduced lunch, and it is common for school lunch to be their only meal of the day. In addition, many of our families live just above the level needed to qualify for free meals, but not at a level high enough to always have the ability to pay. We believe students should not suffer for a situation they cannot control and all students are fed the same healthy meals on a daily basis, regardless of their financial situation. As a result, student meal debt does accumulate and is currently $147,819 District-wide. If this debt is not paid off, it must be absorbed by the District's general fund, which has already been negatively impacted as a result of our current health and economic crisis. The Success Foundation is committed to raising funds so all programs can thrive and students have what they need to reach their greatest potential.

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"Nutrition is fuel for the body and the brain. Without proper nutrition, a student cannot learn and excel in the classroom." Kara Sample, Assistant Director - Nutrition Services
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