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It has been amazing watching the Treehouse come to life and observing parents and children enjoy the spaces, build relationships, and start to take ownership of our Treehouse by making suggestions and getting involved. For the last year we have provided the vital needs for this little community in the form of play/support groups, playrooms and a co-working space where parents can work while we provide supervised care. During our three months closure, we focused on building a climbing wall, an outdoor playspace and setting up a safe and clean environment. Our parents say it best : These are just some of their responses: " a positive bright environment to spend the morning playing" . "Gives the kiddos a healthy sense of community". "Community, connection, relationships, play/social time, exploration, love". "A place for moms to meet other moms, making friends with children in tow has never been easier!". A place for human enrichment; where we all can learn even adults". "A fun place for kids and parents". "The community Treehouse is exactly that. Community! A place where parents can bring their kids to have fun, socialize and experience many learning activities. We love the Treehouse! ". Their responses and continuing support shows us we are fulfilling the needs of our community.

How can you help??
Because we needed to cancel our fundraisers in 2020, we are looking for donations from our community. Any monetary donation would help: $25.00 would help a parent join the Treehouse for a month. $200.00 would help a parent become a yearly member of the Treehouse. $500.00 would support our programs that are essential to our Treehouse members. $1000.00 will support the treehouse build new programs to fulfill the needs of our community.

Thank you for believing in us and supporting the Community Treehouse!!

Visit our website at, watch us on facebook or just come on in! We would love to see you and your family at the Community Treehouse!

Help strengthen our La Plata County community by choosing The Community Treehouse as your organization of choice!
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