The Community Treehouse
by Community Foundation Serving Southwest Colorado
Fundraiser launched on October 28, 2019 by Community
The Bayfield community needed the Treehouse when we began 24 months ago. Closures, a reservations only model and lots of sanitation guidelines kept us on our toes this last year, but we came out of this pandemic stronger than ever. Now, as guidelines are lifting, our families are in dire need of connection and community. The Treehouse has become that place where parents can reconnect with their community and the children can meet new friends.

Our new tagline says it all: "working together to strengthen our community, one family at a time"

The last couple of months, we have felt our families' stress intensify as the world is opening back up; parents feeling overwhelmed, children acting out as their bubble is getting bigger, and parents still working remotely. We have also seen a huge change in our parents wanting to volunteer and feel useful within their community. Now, more than ever, Bayfield needs a place for families to reconnect with their community in a safe and sanitary way.

Now that we are fully open again, our parents are looking at the Treehouse to continue the mental health support and to expand our programs focusing on their needs after the height of the pandemic. We would like to continue to provide a playroom for children 0-5 years old, a clubhouse for children 6-10 years old, and a workspace for parents in the parent lounge, while we provide supervised care. We are looking into expanding our programs by providing parenting support, expanding our play/support groups and our parent lounge work times as more parents are working remotely. Play groups, affinity support groups, the Baby and Me support group and Supervised care for two days a week are some of the programs we would like to continue offering to the community.

And now, you are invited to be a key player in our continued success. It is especially critical at this time when connecting in person with safe social distancing is the new normal.

As a sponsor of The Community Treehouse, you will put the miracle in a baby's face as the ball sparkles in their hand. You will allow for the adventure of the pilot of the soaring airplane made of magnetic blocks. The magical perspective as children hang upside down from the climbing dome will be your gift. And most importantly, your support will give parents the peace of mind to work or study while their children are supervised.

We are fiscally sponsored by the Community Foundation Serving Southwest Colorado and the Bayfield School District has donated our space for the last two years, but we are asking you, and others in the La Plata County community, for financial sponsorship to keep our doors open and keep our costs down.

How can you help??
Any monetary donation would help: $35.00 would help a parent join the Treehouse for a month. $300.00 would help a parent become a yearly member of the Treehouse. $500.00 would support our programs that are essential to our Treehouse members. $1000.00 will support the treehouse build new programs to fulfill the needs of our community.

Thank you for believing in us and supporting the Community Treehouse!!

Visit our website at, watch us on facebook or just come on in! We would love to see you and your family at the Community Treehouse!
Your help makes a real difference
Help strengthen our La Plata County community by choosing The Community Treehouse as your organization of choice!
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