All I want for Christmas

350 Colorado

Hi Hello my lovely people!
This year for Christmas I have a special ask for all of you and Santa...
Instead of buying me gifts I want you to donate that money to 350 Colorado.

I have been putting my heart and soul into organizing with 350 Colorado since August because they understand that environmental justice IS social justice. The climate crisis doesn't just effect plants, animals and the planet... it effects people too. People I love and care about.

If you decide to donate, first off, thank you. Secondly, please make sure you set it to come out for December 10th so your money will be matched and your donation will go further.

If you decide not to donate, that's okay! Liking, sharing and spreading the word is free and just as impactful.

Either way I appreciate you taking the time to hear my wishlist this year.

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Created November 27, 2019
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