Routt County Crisis Support
by Yampa Valley Community Foundation
Fundraiser launched on November 16, 2020 by Routt County
Routt County Crisis Support offers guidance, connection, and support to individuals and community members in times of crisis. This is done through the following programs:

1. Emercency Assistance Fund - provides for immediate needs of individuals impacted by an emergency incident requiring the involvement of first responder agencies in Routt County

2. Community Crisis Response Team (CCRT) - provides crisis support services to businesses, organizations, schools and community members impacted by a critical incident or event with the goal of minimizing the impact of the event, accelerating the recovery process and educating participants on normal reactions to abnormal events

3. First Responder Wellness Program - promotes confidential, positive mental health through therapeutic and educational resources for Routt County First Responders and those who support them

4. Routt County Peer Support - a volunteer, nationally recognized program developed by law enforcement agencies and adopted by other emergency response departments to promote and provide mental health and stress management support among individuals in high impact, emergency response-based careers. Peer Support is effective as a first line of confidential assistance and basic crisis intervention to assist fellow workers during times of acute or chronic stress.
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Supporting, guiding, and connecting the community and individuals in times of crisis ​
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