True North Youth Program

With the support of adult Navigators we envision that every teen participant in True North Youth Program will graduate from High School with a plan and a path to follow into adulthood. We are an all-inclusive organization with hopes to help every teen succeed through high school and beyond.

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True North Youth Program​​​​​​​
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305 Society Dr.
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Telluride, CO 81435
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PO Box 2072
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Mission Statement

True North inspires individual determination and teaches self-advocacy by providing year round positive youth development programs for teens in our rural San Miguel region who have limited access to resources, opportunities, and support.

Organization History

In February 2014 three longtime mentoring professionals, with over forty years of combined experience working with youth, along with several leaders in the community, Social Services, and Nonprofit sectors, identified a serious service gap among our region's teen population. Due to a lack of family and financial support, many teens were not thriving; were not preparing for their future; were not succeeding in their academics; and were not having positive experiences in their social life. There had been no programs or networks in existence that focused on this vulnerable age group, nor provided them with positive youth development engagement and growth opportunities.

True North Youth Program fills the gap by providing year-round, free programming for teens in five Pillar Programs: Community Service Learning, Academic Tutoring and Support, Experiential Wilderness Education, Rising Stars Summer Bridge Program and College, Career and Scholarship Prep. We've grown from an all volunteer organization, to now having 3 staff and from serving 6 students to over 150 students and their families. We look forward to continuing the growth of the True North family, so reach out and get involved!


"All of the True North activities they do along the way help to strengthen their resume so when the time comes to apply for scholarships, they are truly a well-rounded individual and a competitive candidate." - Daily Planet article

"It was awesome... yet again! They all had a blast! You are fantastic and the organization behind you is SO much fun, always seamless from a spectator's (my) end. Thank you! True North is near and dear to my heart... angelic in many ways and I am so, very grateful!"
- Jody Brown (parent of two teens, after our return from Moab, 2019)

"Thank you. That was an excellent day. I think we all learnt tons of valuable information. I am deeply grateful for all the help and knowledge. I want my children to get the education I never did. So today was very meaningful to me. Thank you" - Parent after the 2019 College & Career Conference

Student Success Story:
David has been involved in local mentoring programs since he was five years old, because at that time, he lost his father tragically to a heart attack. He has been raised by his single mother. When he was 11, his mother had twins, but she also continued to provide financial support for the whole family by working as a cleaning staff in a local hotel. Thus David became the primary caregiver for his twin siblings, and spent an average of 40 hours per week walking them home from school, helping them with homework, preparing their meals, and putting them to bed. Once the kids were in bed, David would start to do his homework, around 8pm every night. David has never had time for any extra curricular activities or sports. However he managed to maintain a high GPA. David participated in True North community service activities when he was able, and volunteers in our program helped him to participate by making accommodations for his younger siblings and even offering child care. This was now David's Senior year in High School, and True North practiced "intrusive advising" by maintaining consistent communication and hounding him to apply for certain scholarships. David was accepted into CU School of Business and was invited to participate in a summer bridge program. Additionally he was awarded a generous institutional financial aid package as well as numerous local scholarships, including True North's Skyler Kelly Memorial Scholarship. He will be able to attend college in the fall without taking on any loans. True North was also able to equip David with a bicycle to take to CU in the fall, a gift to the organization from a donor. David thanked True North in his graduation speech.

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