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2021 End of Year Campaign
by Our Front Porch
Fundraiser launched on October 07, 2021 by Heather
Our Front Porch is the ONLY organization in Colorado (and in the U.S.!) that provides long-term recovery support to people who have been affected by home fires. While it's nice to be a special unicorn in terms of the services we provide, it has proven to be a great challenge on the funding side. We have talked to every foundation in the Denver metro area and applied for dozens of grants and the message is always the same: "we love what you do and it is such a unique approach to a great cause, but it doesn't align with our funding priorities."

Our clients remind us every day that Our Front Porch is a much needed service:
"In my darkest hour when I lost everything I ever owned to a house fire; you and your amazing team gave me shelter, you gave me safety, you gave me hope!"

"This organization was the absolute best resource we had during our fire recovery. They saved us in so many ways, like best friends."

"Now that I'm working with OFP I can finally sleep at night."

We refuse to change our mission or alter what we do to match a funding priority created by others. And we also refuse to not help people who are in need, who have been displaced and are homeless by no fault of their own. This is why we depend on individual donations from people like you, to continue to provide emergency housing, disaster case management, trauma recovery services, and housing navigation. Your contribution will make sure Our Front Porch exists when the next family loses everything in a home fire.

Incentive Fund

Amount: $10,000.00
Provided By: Anonymous

A generous donor has offered to MATCH any donations on Colorado Gives Day up to $10,000 so your donation will be worth twice as much! Thank you so much for supporting long-term home fire recovery!

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