Xander's Wish
by America's Kids Belong, Inc
Fundraiser launched on September 13, 2021 by Angie
My 7 year old son has created his own charity called Tots to Bots. He makes toys for "orphans" using things he finds around the house. We, (his parents), will "sell" the toys he makes and then we give him the "money from the sales" so he can donate it to an organization that helps "orphans". I wanted to create a fundraising page so we can show our son how much his "toys" have helped children.

We, our son included, really love America's Kids Belong because not only do we strongly agree with their mission but they also have a Colorado chapter so we can help children in our state as well.
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Please donate to this amazing organization and help Xander's wish of loving and supporting all the children who deserve to belong.
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