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Help us reach our $10,000 goal to provide respite and conservation for reptiles and amphibians throughout Colorado! 

NCHS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates on an entirely volunteer basis. Our dedicated team has come together to provide our outstanding community with reptile and amphibian rescueconservation, and education


Our rescue program provides a resource to the often overlooked exotic pet population throughout Colorado by accepting surrendered animals into our care, treating any medical conditions or health concerns, then finding adoptive homes for the animals. Since 2020, we have proudly taken in nearly 200 animals and our average dramatically increases each year. Several of these rescues were endangered and critically endangered species, and we are honored to participate in Species Survival Plan Programs to provide the best possible placements.


Educating the public about local reptile/amphibian species and their ecological importance can help us preserve our local ecosystem and promote a sustainable future. We provide outreach and educational programs for all audiences to forward this goal, as well as guided hikes to bring our community up close and personal with wild spaces and the creatures who inhabit them.

With your support, we can...

Secure a public facility within 1-3 years.

We are participating in Colorado Gives to further our dream: to bring Northern Colorado a public community rescue and education center. While our humble residential shelter takes in as many cases as we ethically can, sadly there are many who are turned away due to capacity limitations. We received over 132 surrender requests in 2022 alone. These animals deserve a safe space, and our community deserves a compassionate place to learn. We look forward to offering classes to the public. Your contribution will help make this dream a reality, and uplift our community: the rescues, the students, the natural spaces we cherish, and the animals who call them home. 

Establish a reptile and amphibian wildlife rehabilitation program by Spring 2024.

Colorado boasts a diverse ecosystem that supports a wide array of reptile and amphibian species, many of which face threats from human-related causes: habitat loss, pollution, and climate change. By providing a dedicated program for their rehabilitation and care, we can help injured and distressed reptiles and amphibians recover and be released back into their natural habitats. This initiative not only aids in the preservation of these unique and ecologically important creatures but also contributes to the overall health and balance of local ecosystems, fostering a more sustainable and resilient environment for future generations to enjoy and study.

DOUBLE our rescues by end of 2024.

We are committed to expanding our efforts and making an even greater impact in the conservation and welfare of reptiles and amphibians. By bolstering our rescue missions, outreach, and resources, we aim to ensure the well-being of twice as many of these unique creatures and contribute significantly to their preservation in the years to come. Your support is instrumental in helping us achieve this vital milestone. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of these remarkable animals and their ecosystems.


Our mission is to promote the welfare and conservation of reptiles and amphibians through education, rescue, and rehabilitation. We strive to increase public understanding and appreciation for these vital members of our ecosystem, and to inspire a sense of responsibility for stewardship of their natural habitats and captive care.

Through our initiatives, we are committed to ethical and sustainable practices and fostering a collaborative community who shares our passion for herpetology.

Background Statement

NCHS was founded in 2015 to address the substantial need for exotic animal education in a rapidly expanding pet trade. In 2020 NCHS became PACFA certified and established a rescue program for displaced pets. Working with partners in CSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, NCHS is able to intake animals in need of significant medical care and diagnostics. Since then, we have proudly taken in nearly 200 animals in Colorado, and our average dramatically increases each year.

We currently operate a residential multipurpose facility, governed entirely by volunteers. Our qualification to utilize ambassador animals in education events makes us unique from other rescues in Larimer County, and allows us to play a critical role in our community.

We are proud to donate education events in collaboration with Kids Feeding Kids, the Aztlan Center, the Lyric, CSU, and Super Cool Kids Club. More than 50% of our education programs are gladly donated to Title I schools. We live by the philosophy that everyone deserves a chance to learn!

Over 150 volunteers have donated their time to be a part of this organization since its founding, and a growing waitlist is eagerly anticipating NCHS’s expansion. We are excited to provide opportunities for volunteer work, education, community service, and future staff positions.

We look forward to engaging with the Northern Colorado area on a greater level, and we are immensely grateful for your continued support as we grow.

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