COVID 19 Crisis or Opportunity

Museum of Friends

The COVID 19 Crisis has forced us to reexamine how we deliver programs to our community. The shut down last spring helped us to pivot towards more on-line programming. Please visit the newly designed website: to view and hear audio tours of over 100 works from the permanent collection. We are asking for funds to help with continued paid technical support to create more on-line and virtual tours and educational programs that address the current needs of our local students. Art will be used as the vehicle to get our youth to open up about the trauma of these times and communicate what they are going through in narrative content, color and form. We need to set up a virtual studio where the lessons can be delivered effectively. We are asking for funds to purchase equipment; pay technical support staff; publicize and promote the new programs making them accessible for our local schools.

COVID-19 Crisis or Opportunity Photo Gary Weston with his COVID-19 Steampunk Lamp
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