$50 - Frequent Flyers Legacy Wing-Leaf - $50

Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc.

2018 marked Frequent Flyers 30th year as a non-profit and leader in Aerial Dance. As we look to the next 30 years, we're offering this opportunity for you to have your name (or your friend, child, partner, spouse, aerial studio, etc) on the walls at Frequent Flyers' studios.

You can buy a wing-leaf for only $50 to be memorialized on our walls in each of our studios next to the Frequent Flyers' "history tree" art. These leaves will spread throughout our lobbies and hallways.

Be represented, show your support, and have a permanent place in our home!

Proceeds support all aspects of Frequent Flyers: Education, Performances, and the Aerial Dance Festival.

Be a part of Frequent Flyers' Legacy; Buy a wing-leaf for $50 to add to our studio's history tree
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Created March 14, 2018
Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance
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