Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc.

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2023 marks our 35th year as an aerial dance organization with over 228,000 audience members and students. Our Kids Who Fly program has served over 8,300 at-risk youth. We rely on donations to support all of our programs: scholarships, reduced / free tickets to shows, and affordable classes.


"The group of girls you gave this gift to [a series of low-flying trapeze classes in our Kids Who Fly program] have all had tragic circumstances in their lives. I've never seen these kids so excited about anything before." - Boulder County Social Services.

"This class was not just about learning new things. It was about courage and believing in myself. This class taught me to overcome my fear and just do it." Kids Who Fly student

"...finely skilled dancers lift off the stage with ghostly grace and an otherworldly presence redefines the restrictions of a two-dimensional dance form. It opens up the doors of perception, both for the dancer and the spectator." -- Boulder Weekly

" of the most unique and stunningly beautiful dance theater experiences around." --Colorado Daily

"Smith and company displayed extraordinary strength, agility, and utter lack of fear as they descended from great heights or slithered up to disappear into the rafters." -- Rocky Mountain News

"The teachers at FFP create, each class, an atmosphere that is incredibly positive and empowering for every student - they get to know each of us so they can help support, challenge, and inspire at a level that is appropriate so that I can feel successful each time I grow strong, fly higher and face any fears." - student comment

"It truly was one of the most inspiring activities that we have ever done as an agency. The smiles on the faces of our often depressed, angry, and struggling children alone was an incredible gift. Learning trapeze challenged each student in his own way to try something new, to ask for and accept support, and to develop new ways of being in the world." - Alternative Homes for Youth

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Our mission is to create and promote the magic of aerial dance through performance and education.

Our vision is to help all people to see the world from a new perspective through experiencing the upside-down realm of aerial dance. We believe this expanded consciousness helps everyone to maximize their creative potential, which in turn provides the fertile ground for these problem-solvers to address issues, create new opportunities and solve problems in our community and beyond.

Background Statement

Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc. (FFP) was founded by Artistic Director, Nancy Smith in 1988 and incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1990 to explore and promote the relatively new art form of aerial dance. Since 1988, FFP has been delighting audiences worldwide and is Colorado's only professional aerial dance-theatre company. Performances have included site-specific work (drive-in theatre, church, parks, galleries, etc.) and collaborations with visual artists, composers, construction workers, physicists, and more. FFP pushes boundaries and explores new frontiers. This fearless innovation and attention to quality has made FFP a unique pioneer in the international aerial dance community. To date, over 228,000 people have experienced FFP through a class or performance.

FFP also has pioneered a variety of educational programs: Kids Who Fly for at-risk youth; Aerial Sci-Arts, experiencing physics and the low-flying trapeze for middle and high school students; the international Aerial Dance Festival now in its 24th year; and a variety of aerial classes for the general public. We have reached over 21,000 students with our education programs over the last 34 years, and counting! FFP is recognized as a leader in the field of aerial dance and has put Colorado on the map nationally and internationally as the locus for aerial dance.

In January 2010, FFP took a flying leap by leasing a dedicated class and rehearsal space and in 2015 added a 2nd studio to meet demand. We are the nation's premier Aerial Dance School. We added a 50-member student company and a 9-month Professional Training program. We are on-site at 2 schools for our Kids Who Fly, at-risk youth program and several schools and social service agencies come to our facility for classes and workshops.

Through all performances, the international Aerial Dance Festival, our many educational/outreach programs, and the Aerial Dance School; we bring aerial dance to the people to fulfill our mission.

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Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc.

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Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance, FFP, FF

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