"The Story" behind the Why as told by the Founders

Domus Pacis Family Respite

As I reflect on what our global family is going thru ... the isolation, the fear of the unknown, the sadness of the known, the need to be close to those you love ... my memories of a "respite" coordinated back in 1997 comforts my still aching heart.

During our time away from the draining sterility of treatment, Mom, my sisters Lynne and Suzi and I found our bodies, minds and spirits repaired and renewed. That outcome was provided by a community of old friends and people who became friends in every moment of our need. People were there in so many ways, from smoothing out the medical and travel logistics, to stealthily assisting with our incumbered movement thru restaurants, gravel pathways, and even onto a gondola. The empathy of strangers plus the engulfing majesty of the mountains was immeasurably healing and filled us all with a much longed for sense of God's peace.

That week away, our last girls trip with my mom, planted the seed, defined why a family respite program should be created and must continue. Even during the pandemic -- the opportunity to have some time with those you need to be near, to feel their love, that reward outweighs the risk. A chance to escape from the cruel realities of cancer, and instead capture precious, joyful and everlasting moments, that is how relationships re-blossom.

Please consider a thoughtful donation of any amount to help other families experience such healing, such rebirth ... to honor my mom and my brothers that have passed, and your loved ones who all have fought, though left us too soon because of cancer.

To become a member of our amazing Community of Kindness, to share your time and talents, please reach out by clicking on either of the email links to the right. And to share your treasure, click on the green DONATE NOW button.

We are so very grateful for you in any and everyway you choose to serve.

Incentive Fund

Amount: $5,000.00
Provided By: Duck and Vince

And, as the Founders of Domus Pacis Family Respite, Vince and I are pledging to match up to $5000 new or increased donations. Your support in any amount is greatly appreciated!

Please empathize with those Domus Pacis families who long for what we all personally feel since the pandemic ... to be close to those they so dearly love and to find some joy and peace.
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Created November 24, 2020
Duck and Vince
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