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Mountain Respites for any stage of your journey with illness and loss.

Domus Pacis encourages cancer patients, their families and friends to escape to the beauty of the mountains and experience the peace that comes from creating joyful memories for the people they most cherish. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. We encourage you to make recurring gifts or one time donations of any amount.


"We were met with wonderful smiles, caring personalities, and enough food and other donations to make anyone's head spin. This opportunity to stay at a cabin in Frisco is not something financially we would have been able to do given our current situation so that made this even more special for us. It was a time for the entire family to be able to remember what life was like prior to the "C" word. My kids curled up with me on the couch and watched movies, my grandchildren played games and put puzzles together, and my wife and I sat back and watched as my family was together physically, spiritually and emotionally. It is something that is hard to put into words, but a feeling that will not leave me anytime soon." --Tom

"Our respite was just what our family needed to remember that just because cancer snuck into our lives, we truly had, and still have so much to be grateful for. I appreciate so much that our experience was memory and not material based. Each person got something a little different out of the respite, but one thing is for sure - our souls were rejuvenated and we gained the strength we needed to finish up this cancer journey, even though it is never truly over. While many tend to only wonder how the person diagnosed is doing, the truth of the matter is it affects the whole family. Your organization gets this!"  -Jessica; mother of Lillian

"We feel truly blessed to have had this experience. It was a time away from normal life which often feels like "survival mode." We were able to step away from a life that often revolves around the realities of a chronic illness brought on by cancer; not only the physical limitations, but the physician visits, test, treatments, therapies, and battles with billing and insurance. We had no pressure to be anywhere, and stayed in such a warm peaceful (and quiet!) house. All the details of our respite stay, big and small, were taken care of and we didn't have to worry about anything. Jack and I were able to spend time together reconnecting and reflecting on life. This has been very positive for us and our family as a whole." --Laurel

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The mission of Domus Pacis is to offer individuals, who are on a challenging medical journey, a homelike environment that encourages interaction with other family members and caregivers in a comfortable and peaceful surrounding.

Background Statement

Domus Pacis Family Respite (DPFR) was established 2008. Since inception, DPFR has coordinated over 1,700 respites. The fundamental program consists of offering cancer and terminally-ill patients (and their families), a week in Summit County which includes appropriate housing and discounts to various Summit County establishments and activities. Just as crucial, DPFR gives the community an opportunity to share their time, talents and treasure in very personal ways. Everyone can participate and contribute something of themselves...making baked goods for the welcome baskets, cooking meals (so the families have a respite from meal planning and preparation), businesses can share products and services and property owners can donate those vacant, non-income earning rental weeks to a greater to family.

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